Oakland neighborhood College is administer by a seven-person board of Trustees. The members that the board are chosen on a non-partisan, at-large basis by voters living within the college district, one area the generally synchronizes with the borders of Oakland County. Trustees serve as volunteers and are not paid for your services.



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Pamela S. Jackson


Elected: due to the fact that 2016Residence: commerce TownshipDegree Earned: BA (Mathematics), western Michigan University; MA (Mathematics), east Michigan University; multiple sclerosis (Industrial Technology/Construction Management), east Michigan University; doctor (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies), Wayne State university Occupation: Consultant/Owner of new Perspectives; (Retired) OCC faculty memberEmail: psjacks1


Kathleen A. Bertolini

Vice Chair

Elected: due to the fact that 2016Residence: ClarkstonDegree Earned: BA (Elementary Education), U that M Dearborn; ms (Teaching - Reading and Language Arts), Oakland University; multiple sclerosis (Education - Curriculum, Instruction and Leadership), Oakland UniversityOccupation: HR Trainer Analyst II, Oakland County; (Retired) educator Email: kabertol


Susan Gibson


Elected: due to the fact that 2020Residence: Lake OrionDegree Earned: Bachelor that Arts, Telecommunications, Michigan State UniversityOccupation: local director of customer services and also business development, Rehmann firmEmail: scgibson

Susan E. Anderson


Elected: due to the fact that 2016Residence: imperial OakDegree Earned: BBA, Walsh College; ms (Accountancy), Walsh CollegeOccupation: company Consultant and AccountantEmail: seanders

Shirley J. Bryant


Elected: due to the fact that 2008Residence: Farmington HillsDegree Earned: BA (English and Education), university of Florida; MA (Educational Leadership and Community Education), east Michigan UniversityOccupation: (Retired) executive Director of neighborhood Relations, Birmingham public SchoolsEmail: sjbryant

Pamala M. Davis


Elected: since 1994Residence: ClawsonDegree Earned: BA (Human source Management), Baker college Occupation: (Retired) code Enforcement Officer, City of royal Oak Email: pmdavis

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Christine M. O"Sullivan


Elected: because 2012Residence: Madison HeightsOccupation: company Manager, O"Sullivan Moving and also Storage CompanyEmail: cmosulli