Every operating system deals with an worry or 2 from time come time. If you room an Android user, girlfriend may have come across a few bugs while using your smartphone or tablet. Over there is generally a way to solve a pest and that’s what we will shot to carry out here. Now the pest in question here is pertained to SMS messages on Android.

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Sometimes you can see an error that claims ‘Message no sent’ in the an alert panel. This can be shown to you once a message isn’t sent. The problem can get an extremely annoying due to the fact that tapping top top the ‘Message no sent’ an alert doesn’t execute anything helpful neither does swiping top top the notification, as the alert keeps coming earlier every time the Messages application is launched.

In this post, we will help you uncover a feasible solution to the ‘Message not sent’ trouble on Android.

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Choose the exactly SIM

The most usual reason for a failed message message could be the truth that you usage multiple center cards. Some Android phones have dual SIM functionality that permits you to make phone calls and also send texts depending upon which sim you select to do it with.

When there space two SIMs installed on her phone yet only one is energetic (being billed because that calls, data, and texts), that truth that you’re see the ‘Message not sent’ error presented on the display is many likely since your inactive SIM has actually been collection as your default sim for sending out texts.

If that’s the case, you have the right to solve the ‘Message not sent’ error by setup your currently active SIM as the default sim for messaging. You have the right to do so by opened the setups app and also going to Network and internet (labeled ‘Wireless and networks’ on some phones) > center cards (labeled ‘SIM manager’ on part phones).


On this screen, girlfriend can choose which center card can execute a specific action and also you have the right to customize it the means you choose. If the sim you have currently selected doesn’t assistance text messaging or you nothing have enough credits come use text messaging on it, friend can set the other SIM for the exact same purpose.

To execute that, tap ~ above the ‘Text messages’ choice (‘Default center for SMS’, on some phones) and select your center card the you routinely send messages from.


Once that’s done, friend will now able to effectively send messages from your phone.

How to settle error code 17

You might likewise be can not to send text messages on her phone and also instead gain showed the Error code 17. The worry is reportedly showing up when a user is sending a message and also appears a minute or so after the message is displayed as ‘Sending’. As soon as the message doesn’t acquire sent, users are greeted through an error message that reads “Can’t send. Network problem. (Error code 17)”.

It’s unclear what’s the reason behind the error password 17 however some users in this Google’s support thread have claimed that yes sir a momentary workaround to fix the issue. The intended article seems to get sent as soon as you’re disconnected indigenous a WiFi network v its mileage varying from one network to another.

To deal with the error code 17, you have to unlock her phone and disconnect the WiFi link by turning OFF WiFi on her phone. You have the right to do therefore by disabling the WiFi toggle from rapid Settings.


Alternatively, you can open the setups app, go to Network and internet, and also then disable the toggle adjacent to ‘Wi-Fi’.


As because that a irreversible fix, your an equipment manufacturer should carry out you through a permanent fix via an upgrade if the problem is extensively reported. When the update v a deal with is rolling out, girlfriend can quickly update come the latest software application version of your device to acquire it addressed with ease.

15 Fixes You must Try

If the over solution no work, girlfriend can try the adhering to fixes that need to work to fix your ‘Message no sent’ difficulty on her phone.

Check the shipment report that the message: You can see if your message has been sent from your phone or if it has actually reached the receiver’s phone call by permitting Delivery reports for SMS. To execute that, open the messages app, walk to 3-dots icon > settings > Advanced, and permit ‘Get SMS delivery reports’.Copy and resend the post again: If a message is not being sent, the next easiest systems is to try and see if you have the right to send it again.Verify that the receiver’s phone call number is correct: if it sound silly, you need to verify if the receiver’s call number is correct or if yes sir a number or 2 missing. Friend should additionally check if their country code is different and if you’re both in different countries, shot to add the actual nation code.Delete the call and add it again: You have the right to delete the call by opening the contact app, choosing the contact, walking to an ext > Delete, and also then confirming the deletion procedure by tapping Delete again. Friend can add the call again through dialing the number on the Phone application and adding it together a brand-new contact.Check if you have blocked the receiver: open the message app, go to Spam and also blocked > much more > blocked contacts, and also then remove the blocked contact from the list.Clear cache the the message app: Tap and hold the message app and click ~ above the ‘I’ icon. Go to store & cache and also tap ~ above ‘Clear cache’ to delete the cache.If you room using a third-party app, collection Messages as your default SMS application and shot again: open the message app and tap top top ‘Set as default chat app’.Ensure the your transport supports SMS/RCS messaging: some carriers no longer offer assistance for message messaging. Examine your carrier website to watch if they assistance it.Check if girlfriend have enough credit balance come send messages: also if your carrier support it, you might not have sufficient credits to use your carrier’s text messaging service. Check your current setup to view if text messaging is active on her SIM.Make sure you’re connected to a cellular network with good signal: inspect your signal stamin by walking to settings > about phone > center status.Turn plane mode ON and then OFF: Swipe down on your house screen, tap ~ above the airplane (Flight mode) icon from fast Settings and turn it off after a couple of seconds.Reboot your phone: press the organize the strength button and also then tap top top ‘Restart’.Force-close the message app and open again: Tap and also hold the message app, tap on the ‘I’ icon, and also then tap on ‘Force close’.Factory Reset her Android phone: sometimes resetting her phone come factory setup should assist solve her problem however that can delete every the data from your phone; so proceed with caution. Manufacturing facility reset her phone by walk to settings > system > advanced > Reset options and climate tapping ‘Erase all data’.

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That’s around it. Now the ‘Message no sent’ error need to not show up on your device.