The southern Dakota institution for the deaf (SDSD) is cursed to web ease of access for all, nevertheless of ability or disability. We job-related continually to boost the ease of access and use of ours digital content, informed by web accessibility standards. Availability is perfect and duty that us share v the better community. Us collaborate through our webmaster to make this website and its components as obtainable as possible.

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The share Committee on infant Hearing and U.S. Public wellness Service"s Healthy people 2010 health and wellness objectives recommend that all newborns be screened because that hearing lose by 1 month of age, have diagnostic follow-up by 3 month of age, and receive suitable intervention services by 6 month of age. At an early stage hearing screening is an essential in making the finest decision for a child"s future.
Check the end the above video clip about beforehand hearing detection and identification. The video clip was created through the collaborative initiatives of south Dakota department of health and wellness (, university of southern Dakota, and South Dakota school for the Deaf.
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COVID-19 Resources

Illinois" Distance finding out With a Student through Hearing Loss

Face Covering Handout

National hearing deactivated Center"s brand-new Fall 2020 Guide

Face Covering research study by the college of Illinois

The effects of confront Coverings and Remote Microphone modern technology on decided Perception in the Classroom

Minnesota board of directors of the Deaf, Deaf/Blind, and Hard of listening Videos

Statewide Upcoming Events

Winter authorize Language Class

Spring skilled Development

Communication contest for D/HH Flyer

Communication contest for D/HH Application

SD hand & Voices new Year's 5K Registration

Early hear Detection and Intervention (EHDI) annual Conference

Self-Paced Professional advance Series

TOD/SLP Program

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Check out south Dakota"s Early listening Detection & intervention (EHDI)collaborative 1-3-6 web app by clicking on the logo design below: