"And I will certainly gather the remnant of mine flock the end of all countries whither I have driven them, and will lug them again to your folds; and they shall it is in fruitful and also increase. And I will collection up shepherds over them which shall feeding them: and they shall fear no more, no one be dismayed, no shall they it is in lacking, saith the Lord." Jeremiah 23:3-4


Welcome come the website the The Sanctuary church that the southern side that Buffalo, brand-new York. May this it is in an open door to record a glimpse that the character and vision the this living fellowship that believers follow the Lords speak to on ours lives.

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The church is comprised of a diversity that backgrounds, spiritual experience and cultures when it intends to it is in one merged body, each member fitted and set in the body according to their varied gifts and callings by the grace of God.

So feel cost-free to take it a browse around, inspect out the miscellaneous pages, blogs and photos. Also be assured we would be blessed to answer any kind of questions or administer further information for you about the ministry. Simply email, text, offer us a speak to or send a letter come the addresses detailed on this site.

If girlfriend can- come check us out in a visit to among our services, even for a mid-week business or collection up a time to meet, the pastor and also his mam are an extremely accessible for you come reach!

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Our Mission

To love the lord our God with all our heart, soul and also strength and to love one one more as He has actually loved us, laying down our lives one for another.

To create a true "Sanctuary" of God- a spiritual refuge because that so countless weary souls, with the love of the great Shepherd, genuine care for lives and also real discipleship,

To watch a fellowship of faithfulness of every ages and also backgrounds combined in the love the God as one spiritual family in true fellowship through a genuine care for one one more in everyday life.

To kindle a passion to with the lost souls of ours community, city and also extending out right into all the civilization as the Lord opens doors.

To earnestly contend for the faith, happen sound doctrine and the pure uncompromising preaching that the cross. The cross and also God focused not male centered.

The quest of holiness, to be unashamedly complete of the holy Ghost and power and a burning desire to be complimentary of every lukewarmness and also worldliness in our lives, to be part of that glorious church without spot or wrinkle, made ready for the soon resulting our good God and also Savior the mr Jesus.

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Our Pastor

Tony Wozniak serves together the senior Pastor the the fellowship having ministered for over 40 years in evangelism, world missions, church planting and also pastoral ministry.

Originally born and also raised in poor on the eastern side of Buffalo there is no a father caused at a really young period years that drinking, fighting, drugs and crime. The Lord provided these tobring him to the end of himself and a miraculous testimony the the mercies of God.

He has actually served broadly in inside city ministry in southern Baltimore, raising up a life an altering live-in discipleship ministry for the homeless, former prisoners, alcoholics and drug addicts. Additionally the ministry to be reaching thousands of impoverished inner city youngsters all the while developing a solid church as its foundation.

While possessing a continuous burden because that evangelism, for years he has actually labored to establish solid children's, youth and also young adult ministries follow me with solid marriages and families. That has constantly labored to create very solid church based Christian schooling as an integral part of the life and also heritage that every church he's ministered in.

He pioneered the Watchman radio broadcast ministering prime time slots everyday in the Baltimore, city area v a potential listening audience the some two million people.

He walk on to job in foreign missions pouring out his life because that 17 year in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, India and also the West Indies planting adopting and also establishing scores that churches, including training pastors, conducting conferences, visiting churches, and conducting thousands of campaigns often in very remote reached and also neglected areas.

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Pastor Tony has actually lived happy married come his very first and only wife the 38 year in a very exemplary and impacting marriage providing for solid mentoring the marriages. Together a team v distinctive roles, they room always really closely involved with the flock, imparting not just the Gospel however their very souls to watch a near knit spiritual household of believers carefully unified in the love that Jesus, with a zeal because that the Fathers residence a love of soft compassion to reach the lost, the poor, the despised and also broken, regularly those no one has time for.

Worship solutions & Contacts

Sundays: 10:30 AM

Tuesdays: 6:30 PM


Wednesdays: 6:30 PM

Fridays: 7:00 PM

Friday Nite Fellowship

gmail.comPostal mail & Church Location:The Sanctuary2162 Seneca StreetBuffalo, brand-new York 14210Websitewww.jamesmerse.com​
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