Sunday School: 10AM

Choir Practice: Wednesdays in ~ 7PM

Youth Service: Wednesdays at 6PM

please come and also visit united state at our new church home In-Person or Live Online!We are currently open for services at the new very first Christian Church located at5125 Antilley Road, Abilene, TX 79606.Just past the Wylie High School and Stadium.

Live solutions will be noted via our on facebook page.

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Articles of Faith

We publicly confess the Jesus is the Christ, the kid of the life God and within the global church we receive the light of the bible from the Bible, an ecumenical book.We commit that Jesus is the Christ, the child of the life God, and proclaim him Lord and Savior that the world and through baptism into Christ we go into into newness of life and also are make one with the whole civilization of God. In make the great commitment, we work-related to change our lives, the lives of others, and also our society as a totality by pass closer accord with the will certainly of Christ.We rejoice in God, device of heaven and also earth and in the open up communion that the holy Spirit we space joined together in discipleship. Together believers we seek to live out the usual faith in praise and service come God.We sign up with in the covenant of love i m sorry binds us to God and also one another. V baptism into Christ we space made one with the whole human being of God. At the Table of the Lord we celebrate open up communion through thanksgiving the saving acts and presence the Christ.We accept our mission the witness and service come all civilization in the name of Christ and also by His grace. In the communion the the divine Spirit we room joined together in discipleship and in obedience come Christ. In ~ the global church we obtain the gift of ministry.We yield ourselves come God the we may serve the One who kingdom has no finish in the binding of Christian faith. Blessing, glory and also honor it is in to God forever.

First Christian Church that Abilene, Texas"A welcoming family members of faith committed to serving, connecting and caring, as we make Christ known in every that us do."

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Pastor Morris

Rev. Gregory Scott Morris grew up in new Mexico and also West Texas. He graduated from Wayland Baptist University v a B.B.A. In company Administration. ~ serving together a tax accountant, he visited Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, earning a masters of Christian Education. He began his career in ministry offer Baptist churches, however was dubbed to Bethany Christian Church in Odessa in April the 2014. His plan was to assist them out for around a year, yet he served there for 7 years instead. When he competent the practical worker of Christ denomination, he thrived to love it. In 2018 that went with the procedure of being ordained in the practical worker of Christ. He took classes in practical worker of Christ history and plans through Philips hands-on worker of Christ Seminary indigenous 2017 come 2018. He now has complete standing in the Southwest region of the practical worker of Christ. That is married come Judy Morris who began serving together the Music Minister in ~ Bethany Christian Church in 2017, leading the choir and also chimes, and planning worship services. Judy retired from to teach music in public colleges in 2016. She has actually a B.M. (Bachelor the Music degree) indigenous Wayland Baptist University, and a M.M. From Texas A&M Commerce. They room excited around their brand-new chapter with an initial Christian Church practical worker of Christ, and also would love because that you to visit the church’s new location!