Barney Fife, with much more than a little assist from the actor that played him, Don Knotts, made those words well known on The Andy Griffith Show earlier in the 1960s. If you’re choose me, did you do it watched countless reruns of The Andy Griffith Show, and you’ve heard Barney Fife utter that phrase a gazillion or therefore times. You"ve heard "nip that in the bud" so plenty of times, it"s among the an ext tired, boring and uninspiring phrases, and also the last thing you feel favor doing is thinking around those five words best now.

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I began thinking around them newly when ns was thinking of a difficulty that a friend mutual with me. Because that friend might be analysis this, because that all i know, I’ll traction a Dragnet and will store the names and situations fictitious, yet suffice it to say, i was thinking around this friend’s issue, and I discovered myself daydreaming and thinking, “Man, he just needs to perform something about this now. He requirements to nip that in the bud.”

And, voila, i knew I had actually an idea for The TV Professor.

Look, Deputy Barney Fife got a most things not correct on The Andy Griffith Show. OK, most things wrong. Yet if you really think around it, “nip that in the bud” can be the best advice a TV collection has ever offered. It may be amongst the finest advice out there -- ever.

Today"s "TV Lesson" Breakdown:
Don Knotts one 5 Emmys during the operation of The Andy Griffith Show. He won three when he was co-starring ~ above the series from 1960 come 1965. He won two more when he came back, do guest appearances top top the show. The Andy Griffith display was able to carry out fine on its very own without Knotts, but it was "Knotts" as entertaining without him. (Sorry...)

The “Nip the in the Bud” Episode

Barney Fife offered the phrase, “nip it in the bud,” in a variety of episodes, yet the illustration that everybody appears to mental is wherein he uses the expression a variety of times in the episode, “One-Punch Opie,” which emerged in the third season. The illustration centers about Opie being bullied, though it isn’t the memorable one wherein a kid is acquisition his milk money (that would be the episode at an early stage in the second season, “Opie and the Bully”).

In this details episode, there’s a new boy in town, Steve Quincy, who has actually been making funny of Opie – and also encouraging the other youths in town to steal food from the local grocer and break a street lamp.

When Sheriff Andy Taylor learns this, in addition to Barney Fife, the the deputy that is particularly outraged and lecturing his boss that something needs to be done around this now.

“I call you, this is just the beginning,” Barney says. “Going about breaking street lamps. City property, psychic you. Following thing friend know, they"ll be on motorcycles, put on them leather jackets and zooming around. They"ll take end the totality town... A regime of terror.”

Andy protests: “These are just boys you"re talking about. They"re only about eight years old.”

“Yeah, well, today"s eight-year-olds space tomorrow"s teenagers,” Barney argues. “I to speak this calls for action, and now... Nip the in the bud! an initial sign a youngster"s walk wrong, you got to nip it in the bud.”

Andy think Barney is going come extremes. Granted, Barney does that a lot.

“I"m gonna have a talk with them. What much more you want me to do?” Andy wonders.

“Just don"t molly-colly,” Barney says.

“I won"t,” Andy promises.

“Nip it. Go read any kind of book you desire on the subject of kid discipline, and you"ll uncover that every among them is in favor of bud nipping,” Barney says.

“I"ll take treatment of it,” Andy promises.

“Only one way to take care of it,” Barney says. “Nip it... In the bud.”

The thing is – they space both right. Andy’s correct, together always, the these are eight-year-old boys and also not hoodlums, and also they should be treated together kids; however Barney is ideal that it’s better to resolve a difficulty early on, rather than permit it go unchecked.

Andy Taylor has a heart-to-heart through Andy and also his friends. Barney, that course, desires to nip everything in the bud.

The definition of "nip it in the bud."

I think us all recognize that "nip the in the bud" is a recommendation to gardening. You nip a flower in the bud, and also it won"t grow. You"d think you"d want the tree to flower -- that"s a good thing. Yet I"m not much of a gardener, and apparently, if you nip particular plants in the bud, overall, it have the right to be healthy for the plant.

So you nip the flower in the bud, and also you solve a potential problem.

The phrase, "nip that in the bud" has been approximately since at least the mid-1800s, in the newspaper archives, anyway, and I doubt it"s most likely at the very least a tiny older than that.

Think of every the locations in Life where It’s better to “Nip it in the Bud.”

So as soon as I was thinking around my friend’s difficulty – and also I realized the "nip it in the bud" was part of my lexicon, I began thinking around the phrase and also realized: “Wow, that’s yes, really a corny sounding but powerful life lesson.”

Seriously, if us all started making “nip the in the bud” a mantra, how could that adjust our lives?

So I started thinking the a few examples of situations where things deserve to go the end of regulate – if you don’t nip in the bud.

Car repairs. So your “check engine” light has actually come on. Probably you deserve to drive a couple of more work – or main or month – there is no anything walk wrong. Yet what are the odds that you have the right to drive indefinitely there is no your vehicle breaking down? If friend don’t have actually the money to walk to the mechanic ideal away, that’s one thing. Yet otherwise – nip those auto repairs in the bud. Nothing good is going to come from waiting to obtain your vehicle checked out.

Credit card debt. therefore you’ve obtained some revolving credit card debt, and also you need to pay it off soon. Well, I deserve to tell girlfriend from years of suffer in mine 20s and 30s – nothing wait. Don’t execute nothing and hope that somehow the variety of dollars the you owe will certainly go down without some difficult work on your end. You will be wrong. Nip that credit card blame in the bud before you later regret it.

Health issues. If you have a cold, it is one thing; that’ll probably go away on the own. Yet if you have just about anything else the isn’t improving – your weight is climbing, your weight is plunging (and no on purpose), you can not sleep, you’re falling sleep all the moment – go check out a doctor. Or a dentist. Or every little thing health experienced seems appropriate. There room too numerous stories the end there of people who put off see their medical professionals or dentists and also lived to regret it – and also then occasionally didn’t live. Nip those health worries in the bud.

Nip it in the Bud

I could go on and also talk around leaky roofs, termites, major depression -- none of those difficulties will likely fix themselves there is no some aid -- but you acquire the idea.

So together it transforms out in “One punch Opie,” Opie ends up solving the Steve Quincy problem himself, by standing up to the bully and also fortunately nobody it s okay walloped (like in the other bully-centric Opie episode).

Anyway, Barney’s advice is in reality pretty excellent. Difficulties often aren’t addressed on their own, and also I recognize we all recognize that, however we forget it. If us didn"t, we"d almost never have actually serious problems; we"d constantly nip them in the bud, very first chance us got.

So the next time ns tempted to put off act something important, ns going to try to psychic Barney Fife"s small speech and nip it in the bud. Words to live by.

Opie leader his future gang, or so Barney is worried, if Andy doesn"t an initial -- to speak it through me -- "nip it in the bud."

A Stray Observation

In few of the earlier dialogue, together you might recall, Barney Fife cautions Andy Taylor to not “molly-colly,” and I discovered myself wondering just how long that expression has been around. Well, Barney said it a small wrong (no surprise; Barney said whatever wrong). The word is mollycoddle, and it’s been about since the 1820s or 1830s, depending on what source you go with. It way to coddle or pamper.

It may have come indigenous the procedure of do coddling eggs, which is comparable to poaching one egg. You chef the eggs gently, v the water just under boiling. Mirriam-Webster suspects the mollycoddle came about as a combination between coddle (you need to pamper coddled eggs because that them to revolve out right) and Molly, a nickname for Mary. In the 1830s, mollycoddle to be a native that supposed wimp, and then it slowly morphed into a verb and also the idea of dealing with somebody means too gingerly.

Probably an ext than anyone wanted to know, however clearly, if Barney Fife may have not been great at pronunciation, the did sometimes have actually a kind vocabulary. Kind of.

Where you have the right to watch this show(at the time of this writing):The Andy Griffith Showis onthe cable networks MeTV.comandTV Land. Meanwhile, select episodes have the right to be found on part streaming channels. If you desire to watch it, friend should have the ability to find it.

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