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Nikon P-223 Rifle Scope

It"s no an enig that a good optic will drastically increase her accuracy. The difficulty is, good glass is not cheap. Nikon recently presented their P-223 line and we had an possibility to give it a test run. We space impressed come say the least. This is an excellent glass in ~ a an excellent price.

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The Nikon P-223 Rifle Scope come in a few different variants. The P-223 3-9x40 Matte BDC 600 Rifle Scope, P-223 4-12x40 Matte BDC 600, P-223 1.5-4.5x20 BDC 600 and also P-223 3x32 Matte BDC Carbine. They space also obtainable with the BDC for various other calibers, such as 300 Blackout, and also .308 Winchester. They are designed specifically for AR rifles. Now we will testimonial the P-223 3x32 Matte BDC Carbine. For our review, we likewise used the Nikon P-Series Rifle border Picatinny Mount as it was architecture specifically because that this optic. Lock are offered seperately however worth every penny.

After mounting and focusing the optic, the an initial thing the struck me to be the clarity that the glass. Because that a $150 dissension scope, the clarity was terrific and much better than various other optics costing twice that amount. The totally Multi-coated Optical System-Provides as much as 98-Percent irradiate transmission and maximum brightness from dawn to dusk. The limit is likewise Waterproof/Fogproof Nitrogen filled and also O-ring sealed. We soaked ours at the bottom of my swimming swimming pool for a mainly after the review. Yep, it"s waterproof.

Right out of the box, ours scope was pretty close to dead on. I am sure using the Nikon Mounts had actually much to execute with this. A few clicks and about 10 rounds later on we to be in business. Us Zeroed our at 200 yards together that is what Nikon recommends. The BDC Carbine Reticle was occurred specifically for the trajectory of the .223 Rem/5.56 NATO round through 55-grain polymer pointer bullet. The reticle gives a 200 yard cross-hair through "hash marks" in ~ 400 yards and 600 yards.

A yes, really nice feature around this scope space the 1/2-MOA Hand-turn Zero-Reset Turrets. Come simplify ar adjustments, Nikon has combined this feature into all brand-new rifle scopes. Just sight-in together usual, then lift the spring-loaded convey knob, turn to her “zero”, and re-engage. Field adjustments are now as simple as dialing-in your succeeding ranges. This is also a nice function if you choose to use the limit on various rifle. Once mounted to the an additional rifle, you can make adjustments and simply write the new numbers down. This will conserve you the time of having actually to sight that rifle next time. Now when you relocate it ago to the major rifle, you just move the turrets back to Zero and viola!

While every little thing was an excellent so far, the true test would be in the performance and also accuracy. The clarity and also light transmission is therefore good, that getting on target is swift and easy. We began with a metal plate at 200 yards. I believe it was a 16 or 18" plate. This to be a fairy easy for everyone, and also the fixed 3X zoom made fast work the it. Concerned to shot out the BDC reticle, (Bullet fall Compensator) we relocated out to 400 yards, which would be the an initial "Hash mark" in the reticle. Because that me, as lengthy as I can hold the rifle secure enough, I might ring the plate. Yes, it actually was accurate, in ~ least much more accurate then I.

Next opted for the 600 garden target without any kind of adjustment come the turrets. Now this is whereby the table and also sandbag come in handy. In ~ this distance you room really pushing it because that the 3X optic for a target for this reason small. While ns was only able come hit the target around 6 the end of 20 times, Andy had the ability to hit it around 15 out of 20. I really have no excuse for this, as Andy attract contacts, and my eyes space 20/20. Or so i thought. Cynthia was likewise skilled sufficient to ring the plate more often 보다 I. Exactly how any much more times, ns won"t say, let"s simply leave it at that.

After a day v the optic, and over 600 rounds, us never had to re-zero the optic. The mounts held securely and also the recoil had no influence on the accuracy. Needless come say, we were all impressed with this scope. I am still in disbelief considering the top quality you actually obtain for the price you pay. The fit and also finish are optimal notch. You would certainly be difficult pressed to uncover a much better optic at double the price. Ns don"t even think the is possible, or at least I can"t think of any of the top of mine head.

I do highly recommend making use of the Nikon P collection mounts. They to room superb, and really budget friendly. Plenty of are not conscious of how necessary Scope mounts are. A cheap collection of mounts have the right to make one $800 optic do like $12 Wally people special. So perform yourself a favor and get them as well.

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If you haven"t figured it the end by now, i am exceptionally pleased. I might go on and also on around how ns adore this optic. The resolved 3X magnification is really usable. The is a an excellent balance that will certainly stretch your reach however also enable quick target acquisition for targets inside 25 yards. While not as quick as a Red Dot, it deserve to be cursed close through a bit of practice. After ~ the review, I actually purchased one for myself. I leave the P-223 - 3X32 optic permanently an installed to among our AR-15 Rifles and I have no plan of replacing it.

article written by,Jeff | jamesmerse.com
Review Team - Jeff, Andy, Cynthia

P-223 3x32 BDC Optic Specs

Magnification 3X solved target Diameter departure Pupil 10.7mm ar of watch 35.6ft