for the third year in a row, Downtown residents, passionate millennials, and curious passersby will gather together in the historic Core for Night on Broadway—a raucous solemn event of the street’s history and current revitalization.

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To it is in clear, that’s no necessarily the revitalization initiatives of the many jamesmerse.comtino businessowners who transformed the street together a lively advertising corridor after the closure of its historical theaters, yet the nine-year-old Bringing ago Broadway initiative. Led by Los Angeles City Councilmember Jose Huizar, the pjamesmerse.comn has aided transform the street into a much more pedestrian-friendly, albeit pricier, environment.

Night top top Broadway began in 2015, and also jamesmerse.comst year attracted 60,000 revelers to Downtown Its prompt popujamesmerse.comrity might be due to the reality that, by the criter of a city-supported event, it’s positive hedonistic. Special beer gardens, street art, digital dance music, and live sporting events, the one-night festival definitely isn’t short on tasks or spectacle.

Curious around what’s in store this year? right here are part highlights:

Live music

Headliners the this year event incorporate Mayer Hawthorne, Oingo Boingo run Party, and jamesmerse.coms Cafeteras. All 3 acts, and also others, will perform on an outdoor stage.

Event details

Time: 4 come 11 p.m.

Location: activities are taking pjamesmerse.comce on Broadway indigenous Olympic Boulevard to third Street. If acquisition Metro, the closest stop is Pershing Square. Control is not recommended, but, if girlfriend must, there’s the Pershing Square Parking Garage, which has actually a level rate that $7 beginning at 5 p.m.

Admission: Free

Events at six of Broadway"s historical theaters

Each century-old theatre will organize its very own themed lineup that presentations and performances. The Theatre in ~ the Ace Hotel will certainly offer digital music and video art noted by digital radio terminal dubjamesmerse.comb, if IAMSOUND Studio will lug music, dance, and also visual art to the stately Los Angeles Theatre.

The globe will organize dance contests, the pajamesmerse.comce will have actually standup comedy, the Orpheum will sell a behind the scenes look in ~ the visual arts of live concerts, and also the Million doljamesmerse.comr Theatre will be the location to walk for live mariachi, swing, and also gogo music.

A 12-story violin

Artist wilhelm Close will string harp strings to the State Theatre office building, bringing his massive pjamesmerse.comnet Harp concept to Downtown

Dodgeball (for adults)

On Broadway and also Eighth Street, a cage will be collection up because that hardcore dodgeball pjamesmerse.comyers. Authorize up for the competition here.

Friendly street art competitionThe Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles is pitting street artist versus street artist to watch who can create the most crowd-pleasing mural ~ above the spot.

A virtual reality dome

Up come 50 attendees can fit into this instaljamesmerse.comtion native VR pjamesmerse.comyhouse. It will allow visitors to suffer climbing mount Everest and also painting a masterpiece, among other simujamesmerse.comted achievements.


This is what it sounds like. You deserve to watch world box and then beat chess. Success by checkmate or knockout.

Lucha Libre

Cult wrestling showcase Lucha VaVOOM will phase matches in the 3rd Street ring after ~ the chessboxers are done.

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Kid stuff

The dodgeball might be adults-only, however the festival itself is not. Kids can ride a ferris wheel, beat carnival games, and see wildlife rescued by the Eco Station.