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Fake smiles

BY : wicked_smile360Category: jamesmerse.com > GeneralDragon prints: 18717
Disclaimer: Don"t own jamesmerse.com, or do money native this.

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Fake smiles

Chapter 1

Don"t very own jamesmerse.com

Betrayed by those he considered precious. Despised by those he sworn to protect. Manipulated by his love ones. His sanity and also loyalty progressively fades as soon as those around him wears a FALSE smile. However soon lock will are afraid what lied under his fake smile.


The pit pats that rain fall hitting his window was the just thing he heard. His apartment due to the fact that he didn"t speak to this his residence was in Konoha the strongest town out the the covert villages. Who was he you wonder, he was the jailer the what once virtually destroyed Konoha the good and fear Kyuubi and also killer the Madara Uchiha, his name is jamesmerse.com Uzumaki Namikaze.

He was at this time lying in his bed staring at the ceiling thinking about his life. His life for every its precious sucked. Civilization feared the for beating the strongest shinobi in history; his friend (if girlfriend can call them that) provided him the cold shoulder or made funny of him. His team after bring Sasuke earlier went back the just how it was before Sasuke left, meaning Kakashi cultivate Sasuke personally and also Sakura fawning end Sasuke. The villagers seem to have forget the Sasuke left to walk to their enemy or that his clan was the reason to the almost destruction thrice. The only god thing that happened to that was the he discovered that he had actually a sister.

Her name is Ai Uzumaki Namikaze. He found is lengthy lost sister when Tsunade had sent the to uncover her. The factor he wasn"t told to be "she to be the just daughter of Yondaime and we didn"t want damage to involved her" which that agreed was a great reason. However his sister was far from helpless; she was train by Jiraiya, Tsunade, and the critical of the Uzumaki clan before they died which was since of Madara wanting to obtain to jamesmerse.com. When jamesmerse.com asked why he wasn"t know about them Tsunade just shrugged that of v saying "hey brat the 3rd wanted them to be keep a mystery so they could raise Ai in peace and he felt girlfriend was safer here". jamesmerse.com only spoke with her once he required to after that.

His sister took after his mom he to be told (since he never ever heard about until his sister pertained to leaf). She has actually long red hair that was preserved in a ponytail, sea green eyes, soft pale skin, a heart form face, curvy figure, J cup chest (Tsunade size), heart shape rear, and a shining smile. She"s the princess of leaf. The villager observed her together the just child of his father. The council has actually tried countless times to get her to marry Sasuke in wishes of giving birth to solid ninja, however it never goes through due to the fact that she despises Sasuke. She has actually tried to do a bond v him however he can"t look at her without emotion betrayed.

Everyone else thinks he"s just jealous that her and also being a jerk. Every his so dubbed friends has: girls told him his gift a ass and letting his pride no see just how lucky that is when the guys told him the same while questioning him to placed in a good word because that them v his sister. Kakashi also taught she Chidori when he told jamesmerse.com he essential the Sharingan when he asked come teach him. When he challenged Kakashi about this he claimed "jamesmerse.com i taught friend the Futon: rasengan therefore you need to stop begin greedy" then referred to as him out on this in a team meeting around it which cause Sakura hitting him climate saying "yeah jamesmerse.com prevent think about yourself" and also Sasuke "dobe you couldn"t discover it anyway" through a sneer. jamesmerse.com prevent talking to Kakashi after that even though the didn"t an alert or care.

He begins to do something he has done due to the fact that he was a child, why did he stay?

At first it to be to be Hokage and also to safeguard his priceless people. But that adjust when castle didn"t permit him advance in rank and when they named Sasuke the next Hokage a mainly ago. His precious human being have ignored his presence as soon as he was around. His short relationship through Sakura it is long only half a year before she started cheating on him with Sasuke a week right into the relationship. Him and also Hinata was date for months before she was sent out to marry Sasuke only kill it s her on the day of her wedding. jamesmerse.com cried for her because she was the only one the cared about him in the way. After the relationship just didn"t job-related for him because they all cheated on him or just damaged up through him. He offered up after one who seemed to understand him cheated ~ above him v someone he assumed he can trust.

After discovering he might find love right here just threw his being right into training and also reading. He never showed everyone his feeling, his smile no longer had actually that brightness it had before.

A knock on his door broke him native his musings.

"I wonder that this is" he thought as he saw the door in his pajamas

He opened the door just to see Sakura was standing there with an uncomfortable look in she eyes.

"Hello Sakura-chan what brings you here?" he stated with a fake smile on his face

Sakura didn"t it seems to be ~ to notice or care due to the fact that she simply sneered in ~ him "Uzumaki mistress Tsunade wish to see you" she claimed as she avoid calling the jamesmerse.com after she damaged up v him.

"Ok Sakura-chan I"ll it is in there." he claimed with one more fake smile

"Would girlfriend like-" was all he acquired to say before she left. Sighing he shut the door and went to acquire dressed.

Taking turn off his silk orange pajamas he gained as a gift native Gaara, the threw them right into the dirty clothing hamper and also went come his closet. That pulled the end tan shinobi pants with many pockets, sleeveless black color t-shirt, black color fingerless gloves, his headband, black color shinobi shoes and a long orange scarf, his ninja supplies and also his two necklaces. One of the necklaces was a gift he obtained for Hinata and also whiles the other his. He received his from her as a gift to present their bond. Hinata"s necklace was a sliver moon necklace; his necklace was a gold sun. Hinata gave him her necklace once she heard she to be to be wed to Sasuke. That pushed back his thoughts to the earlier of his mind once he establish his hands to be grasping the moon necklace.

He walked right into the bath room before shutting the door and locking it.

Once within he rotate on the water because that the shower. Not surprisingly the water to be cold, already use to this that took off his eye patch off his left eye letting the sit on the sink. The then used his chakra to heat up his body prior to letting the cold water cool the off.

As that washed himself he could aid but let his psychic wonder to just how he obtained the eye patch and how he shed his eye. He lost his eye in the fight with Madara and was almost killed. Yet thanks to some last minute plan he finished Madara. He may have actually lost his eye yet he came back with something more. That was happy the medic Nin did care about his eye or they would certainly have discovered his "gift".

After a five minute shower head he dried of v his big fluffy orange towel, and then starts to dress himself. As soon as finished that looked at his mirror while taking keep in mind of his changes. His hair turned white due to the tension of his fight through Madara, it was long sufficient to hide his left eye in addition to his eye job while additionally framing his face and spiky prefer his father, his right eye to be a pricing imperial purple with a slit pupil many thanks to him over making use of the Kyuubi"s power. His human body was skinny yet ripped reflecting his fruits of his training. The seal on his stomach was different likewise thanks to the fight. Sighing at his changes, he wasn"t surprised once he came back from the fight and also no one knew that he was.

"Makes me wish ns didn"t tell them" jamesmerse.com thought to his self prior to shaking his head avoiding his to escape from continuing for now.

After the was sure his eye patch was on that left come the hokage"s office through teleportation.

(Hokage"s office)

jamesmerse.com showed up outside that Tsunade"s office. Shizune wasn"t outside the door supposed that she was within or running an errand. Letting out a sigh he took a deep breath before knocking.

"Come in" came Tsunade"s voice from within the room. Turning the knob he gone into the room.

The hokage"s office was the same also though castle rebuild the place. That looked that very same as when he to be a child visiting the Third. However there to be a point he noticed the wasn"t the exact same as once he use to visit, the no longer felt the warmth and welcome he use to feel once he came. It currently made him feeling a cold and loathes that made him desire to leave. In the middle of the room sat Tsunade through Shizune standing at she left, Ai to be standing in ~ Tsunade"s right and also Sakura to be standing in ~ Ai"s right. Tsunade looked at some document work together he entered. Ai provided him a small smile, Shizune simply looked in ~ him and Sakura just stared coldly at him.

"You referred to as Hokage-sama" request jamesmerse.com in one emotionless ton while providing a fake smile.

Looking increase from her papers Tsunade looked at him through a empty look on her face as constantly since he began to call attend to her v her title. Shizune winced and his words if Sakura just ongoing to provide him a cold stare, he ignored them both like always when he come here. Ai laugh turn into a sad/guilty expression as she was an ext than most likely was think of exactly how his relationship readjust was because of her.

"Uzumaki I have an S-rank mission because that you" Tsunade stated in an emotionless tone while looking at him as if expecting an outburst.

He simply nodded before taking the role from Shizune and also looked that over. After ~ he was done reading he turned to look at Tsunade v a increased brow.

"This says there is three others that is to come with me" declared jamesmerse.com together he to be curious

Usually castle send the by himself in hope he"ll die. So come him it was a surprise and also made that think they wanted to kill a few others too.

"Yes that is correct your team for this mission will be Ai Namikaze, Anko Mitarashi and Sasuke Uchiha" claimed Tsunade while resting her elbow top top the desk and folding she hands together.

jamesmerse.com had actually to prevent the advice to groan, a team with those three was she trying come piss him off. That just gave a compelled fake smile and also nodded, everyone can tell it was forced. Ai looked under sadly in ~ the smile understanding he tho didn"t desire to be roughly her, she tried to be a sister come him however he wanted nothing to carry out with her. His friend was saying he was simply being an asshole yet she could tell the wasn"t it and also that it to be something more.

Tsunade make this team in wishes they could help jamesmerse.com out of his depression and also reconnect to the village, his best friend, his long lost sister and his older sister number only if she knew these civilization was the last to do him feel better.

"when carry out we leave and also how lengthy is the mission?" the asked understand S-ranks where time minimal most that the time and also wanting come know how long he to be going to suffer.

"All of you will certainly leave morning evening and you"ll be gone till the mission is done" she claimed letting him know "the much faster the kill the faster you can go home".

"By her leave Hokage-sama" he said with coldness the he didn"t try to hide letting her understand he didn"t desire to do this

"Dismissed" she said wishing she knew what to be wrong, she thought he"ll be happy v who was going with him yet he seem pissed. Together she watched him leave she only sighed. Sakura decided to speak to jamesmerse.com before he went home.

"Of all the fucking world she could have preferred she determined them could as well add Sakura together well" he believed as he start to perform hand indicators he was quit by a voice

"Uzumaki!" yelled Sakura as he walked in the direction of him

"Well speck of the devil" thought jamesmerse.com bitterly together he yes, really didn"t desire to be taking care of her appropriate now

"Yes Sakura-chan" that asked while his clichéd his hands

Sakura didn"t notification or care due to the fact that she continued to walk to him till she remained in front the him. As soon as she remained in front of him she got him through the collar and slammed him versus the wall. jamesmerse.com bit earlier a groan at how she offered her strength. She looked at him through a cold stare before she started to talk.

"listen if anything wake up to Sasuke or Ai I will certainly kill girlfriend so you much better make certain the comeback well or else" she said as she tighten she grip on his collar together it start to choke him.

Fight under the advice to snap she neck he just choked out a reply "sure Sakura-chan"

She organized him there because that a minute as if she to be thinking around killing him before letting that go. jamesmerse.com coughed for a little then looked at her. She looked in ~ him v disgust before walking away however not before whispering the end "you better you monster" climate went ago into Tsunade"s office.

jamesmerse.com just looked together she walk wondering if he eliminated her and make it look favor an accident. Shaking his head in ~ it because he knew the didn"t feel like going v the trouble for now.

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"Leaving is starting to sound much better and better" he believed as the teleported home to pack.