If you require a stable supply the spines because that crafting and also completing commissions, this guide shows you exactly where to go to harvest large numbers of sea urchins quickly.

Growing crops, raising, animals, falling in love... Over there isn"t lot you can"t perform inMy Time at Portiawhilere-building her workshop and restoring Portia come glory.

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Of course, come craft all of those items and also build the farm, you"re walking to need to uncover a totality lot the materials. Some of them space rare drops that deserve to only be found from particular creatures.

That"s the situation with the elusive spine, which is most often found as a random loot drop from sea urchins.

So wherein the heck perform you reliably uncover those sea urchins in the very first place?

Where To find Sea Urchins


These room two main locations for finding sea urchins easily to harvest spines for items favor the umbrella:

Near the bridge to Amber IslandEast of Portia close to the Bassanio falls waterfall below the cliffs

In a previous early on Acces build of the game, sea urchins provided to show up in parts of the broke down Wasteland area, yet that no longer shows up to it is in the case, so stop that area as soon as looking come harvest spines.

Note the the urchins spawning close to the waterfall are typically higher level, in between levels 6-10, which provides them much more useful for harvesting spines. Lower bar urchins drop fewer spines, if any at all.

Running up and also down the two locations mentioned over will eventually an outcome in urchins spawning, however there"s a trick right here to harvest them faster rather than waiting for them respawn the following day.

After wiping out all the urchins in the area, friend canforce them to respawn by entering and leaving a building. When you return to Amber Island or the falls, a whole brand-new crop the urchins will certainly be all set to battle.

Harvesting Sea Urchins because that Spines


When you come across a sea urchin, they deserve to randomly provide these four drop types:

Fiber ClothMeatSeaweedSpines

The main thing you want from sea urchins, obviously, are the spines, i m sorry are necessary for commissions and also to craft particular items such as the Spiked exercise Sword and also Umbrella.

They are additionally needed for theUmbrellas space Important mission, which calls for 20 spines to complete.


Because the sea urchin spawn rate isn"t supervisor high (if you aren"t making use of the building trick provided above), you might want to just straight up avoid commissions entailing spines, particularly after you"ve already upgraded her workshop come A Rank, when they aren"t really vital anymore.

Using the civil Corps

While greater level sea urchins have a greater chance the dropping loot, keep in mind that if you don"t want to go the end harvesting spines from sea urchins yourself, you can commission the polite Corps to carry out it for you.

The civil Corps will net between 40-150 spines in ~ a time for a three- come seven-day commission if you don"t need them immediately.

Keep These things in Mind

When harvesting sea urchins, save in mindthat your speed rises when attacked, therefore they actually relocate faster during combat than when simply flying about the area.

Finally, killing large numbers the sea urchins in rapid sequence will cause theelite Balloon Urchin come spawn. These creatures may also spawn randomly close come the waterfall fishing spot and at the northeast side of Amber Island.

You want to prevent the Balloon Urchin at every costs, but not just because it can be exceptionally lethal come a low-level player. These elite execution don"t drop spines in ~ all and are far more an overwhelming to address than typical sea urchins, for this reason they normally aren"t worth the trouble.

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Have you found any other areas where sea urchins generate or wherein you can collect spines? let us recognize where you found them in the comment below and we"ll get this post updated!

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