Xu is a marital relationship candidate. That is Portia"s doctor and also runs Dr Xu"s Clinic next to the civil Corps building.

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Xu deserve to be found in his clinic, central Plaza and also Peach Plaza.


LoveSoldier through Blade +20, Pinecock"s Crown +18, Orange Sofa +15, The Thinking deserve to +15, Balloons in a party +15, trip From The eastern +15, Flower ladle +15, Magic desk lamp +12, monster Glass seasoned +12, Crispy Salmon v Sauce +10, Steak through Coconut Juice +10, wall surface Lamp +10
LikeTalisman +8, organic Juice +6, organic Mixture +6, basic Ointment +6, apple Juice +3, Meat and also Mushrooms Stew +3, Herbs +2, Chrysanthemum +2, White Hibiscus Flower +2
HateRed Tea -5

Relationship Perks

Receive assist with residential work and resource gathering and also a chance at receiving gifts very first thing in the morning.


Mission: damaged Handrail
RewardsXu Relatiionship +20, reputation +60, EXP +1400, Gols +750
AcquisitionTriggered randomly?
Fix the school"s handrail.
Mission: Dr. Xu"s Book
RewardsXu relationship +20, EXP +500, Gols +200
AcquisitionBecome a Buddy to Dr. Xu.
Help Dr. Xu v his books.
Mission: The Brightest Star
RewardsEXP +500
AcquisitionBecome Dr Xu"s Friend.
Talk to Phyllis to begin the mission.

These goals are only available after romancing Dr. Xu.

Mission: Moonlight Primrose
RewardsXu relationship +40, EXP +500
AcquisitionRomance Xu
Craft planting devices for Dr. Xu.
Mission: Taking treatment of The Doctor
RewardsXu connection +20, EXP +500
AcquisitionRomance Xu and also finish Moonlight Primrose.

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Go come Dr Xu"s house and also take treatment of him.

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