My Dream Girl Don"t Exist

very early unreleased song, "My Dream Girl Don"t Exist" is an extremely popular with NMH fans in spite of the reality that it really only exists in the type of a solitary live bootleg. The was additionally featured on very early demo tape, but that variation is warbled come the suggest of being virtually unlistenable (apparently on purpose, though it sounds as though the tape had actually been damaged somehow.) The live power was at Aquarius records "96, which happens to it is in the many widely easily accessible (and earliest) live NMH recording to it is in circulated amongst fans. While there"s no sign that Jeff play the tune after this show, parts of its lyrics seem to have actually crept into other songs. The last heat was offered in the song "Ghost" ("She goes and now she to know she"ll never be afraid"). Additionally, the lyrics bring to mental the opening lines of "Holland, 1945" ("The only girl I"ve ever before loved to be born with roses in her eyes, yet then they buried her alive...") part fans additionally see a link to "Communist Daughter" ("The reassuring proves the she have to still exist").

It"s been mentioned that the music to "My Dream Girl Don"t Exist" bares same to the green Day track "When ns Come Around", albeit a an extremely stripped-down acoustic adaptation of the pop-punk track which was a hit in 1994. To be Jeff Mangum a closet eco-friendly Day fan?! Haha, most likely not.

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In fact, his demo variation (on design Yourself a Shortcake) is supposedly native 1991, in order to predating Dookie through 3 years. So any similarity is simply a coincidence; it"s absolutely not the very first song to ever before use that chord progression.

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Lyrics (like text for many unreleased songs, these room unconfirmed)

My dream girl don"t exist and at the period of five she slit her wrists She didn"t know that I"d be hanging roughly So she parents hidden her in the floor To today I deserve to still hear the sound Of she life in outer an are mine dream girl don"t exist It"s just you and I and also this TV and also this condition seems to feeling so strange favor a henchman that"s around to cave The moon up prefer a ball and also chain And set its hand ablaze and the load is waiting, oh To construct a people so genuine and solid mine dream girl don"t exist simply a photo in a background book and I think she had a voice and also name Three children on the coast of Maine her life remained in a hurricane the love and real take on mine dream girl don"t exist and also at the age of 5 she slit she wrists She didn"t know that I"d be hanging about So at some point she took a stroll come town and walked in front of a greyhound tied For new York main state and also the weight is waiting, oh and also the load is waiting, five To construct a civilization so actual and strong She goes and also now she to know She"ll never be afraid

Guitar chords

main: E B C#m A

end: E B and also the wait is waiting five E B and the wait is waiting oh E A B construct a world so real and also stroonnng B E She goes and also now she to know she"ll never ever be afraid