Meat of the matter is a quest that has tendency to trip plenty of players up in spite of looking an easy on the surface.

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Monster Hunter human being Meat that Matters
The "Meat of the Matter" quest in Monster Hunter World shows up too straightforward based on the objectives. However, it can take a lengthy time to finish if hunters have actually no idea wherein to find the elusive meat.

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Monster Hunter is notorious for having actually tedious find and transport searches as filler content in the game. They room obviously only a small component of the game as a whole, but spending hrs looking for a piece of meat deserve to detract from the experience. Gamers that desire to gain through this quest as quickly as possible and relocate on to far better things need to follow the tips in this guide.

Initiating The Quest and Preparation

Hunters will need to be at the very least level 8 come have access to the "Meat of the Matter." the is got from Meowscular Chef, and gamers will have up come 50 minutes to finish it. Acquisition the Ghillie Mantle top top the journey will certainly be useful, as there room plenty the creatures top top the prowl. The Intimidator ability is simply as valuable to defeat enemies and reduce aggro. Similarly, the Marathon Runner and Pro Transporter an abilities will come in handy throughout the lengthy trek.

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Everyone need to start the search with max stamina. Eat at the canteen and also bringing follow me rations will aid keep the character"s stamina high. High stamina will help gamers acquire through the quest as easily as possible. Dash Juice likewise provides a stamina an increase for those that are willing to purchase it. Rate is crucial when attempting to end up the objectives prior to the timer operation out.

first Lump that Meat

players will desire to travel over to main Camp (Map 11) in the Rotten Vale, which will certainly be marked on the map. The an initial lump the meat is located in Odogaron"s Den ~ above the east of map 13. Anyone the has combated Odogaron prior to will psychic this location, together he will certainly run and also hide there once at low HP. Once in the den right next to the camp, hunters need to make their way into the cavern on the eastern side the the den.

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The tiny lizards can be annoying, so it would most likely be a an excellent idea to kill them if in the area. ~ above the southeast finish of the room, over there is a corpse that consists of the initial lump of meat gamers will have to find. There space a fair couple of corpses in the den. Hunters that perform not uncover the lump of meat originally will discover it if they check each corpse.

Meat Delivery

After choose up the lump of meat, hunters will need to make the long and arduous journey ago to the camp. Also with max stamina, it can take an forever to do it every the way back. Gamers can still roll and sprint while carrying the meat, but it will not be a really quick animation. Eating food and using Dash Juice will definitely aid speed up the process.

While moving the meat, if any creature touch the character model, the meat will certainly be dropped. It is a good idea to clear a path before attempting to leave the den. Also, creating a marker on the camp before entering the den will certainly light the method out. Considering how comparable every area of the den looks, having actually a clear exit route will be helpful. Gaining lost in the maze while moving at zero miles per hour is no a funny experience.

Players the are having trouble obtaining through the branches will have to break through them prior to going with the area while carrying the meat. As soon as out that the den, the gigantic lump the meat deserve to be deposit in the blue supply crate to the right.

second Lump the Meat

The 2nd lump the meat is in the same ar as the first. Prior to entering the den again, hunters should boost their stamina ago up with rations. Currently that players recognize the route, the 2nd sound of meat distribution should it is in a breeze. If a course is cleared on the way in, there is a high likelihood the the creatures will not have actually time to spawn ago in as soon as leaving the den when again. By adhering to the tips above, completing this filler quest have to be a lot less frustrating.

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For their efforts, hunters will obtain 3,600 Zenny after carrying the 2nd lump the meat. Due to the fact that the quest have the right to take much more than half an hour, world will have to decide if the time is worth the modest reward. Due to the fact that the Meat that the issue is optional, gamers may want to commit your time come a an ext worthwhile cause. However, those that desire to accrue as lot Zenny and also complete as countless quests as feasible will desire to power v the objectives.