If you’ve constantly fantasized around running with your arms behind you prefer Naruto while taking down a huge monster in a style comparable to Eren from strike on Titan, climate bless your small weeb heart, due to the fact that your desires are about to come true!

Dual knives have a reasonably straightforward way of structure in Iceborne. Due to the fact that there space a most skills twin Blades need in bespeak to keep their damages high, running Master’s Touch can be as well expensive. If girlfriend prefer an ext comfort than damages then Master’s Touch will be the means to go. Yet if friend prefer more damage, then you’ll commonly see far better numbers through True an essential Element and also Protective Polish.

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With the in mind, right here are the height 5 dual Blades - one because that each element! 

5. Kadachi Greathawks II


【MHWI】特殊闘技場:獄狼竜マスター編 ジンオウガ亜種 双剣 03"49"06 TA wiki Rules/Stygian Zinogre twin Blades

Wundurkirins can also do the cheat here, but Kadachi Greathawks II have actually the benefit of just having more effective facet when friend finish producing the build. I’d recommend Wundurkirins if you’re in search of something more comfortable. 

If you’re going because that raw damage output, ns recommend your develop to look favor this:


This build maximizes the sharpness of the Kadachi Greathawks, while also keeping your damages high through an important Eye, Thunder Attack, and also Agitator.

What"s an excellent About Kadachi Greathawks II

Lots the lightning facet after you gain purple sharpness and full practice mods.Protective Polish, violet sharpness, and also a 10% base vital gives this weapon a the majority of sustained damage.Since you’re a light weapon, Agitator is walk to it is in active fairly often since you need to hit the monster 3 times with your claw before you perform a dismounting assault to develop a weak spot. This will also usually enrage the monster too.

Kadachi Greathawk II Stats

Rarity: 10Sharpness:Handicraft 4: 40 hits of purple, 40 access time of white.40 hits of white sharpness50 hits of blue sharpnessRaw Damage: 322 (343 efficient Raw)(Handicraft 4: 361 effective Raw).Affinity: 10%.Element: 330 Lightning (Effective Element: 57) (Handicraft 4, efficient Element: 62).Slots:1x Level 1.

4. Jyura Keenblades II


MHWI Teostra twin Blades TA + Clutch claw - 4’38”60

Holy Guild Knight chisels can likewise work here, but just like with ours lightning set, Jyura Keenblades edge the end if you’re looking for an ext damage in your builds.

If you’re in search of maximum damage, I’d introduce a set like this:

This build loses the Agitator, yet instead simply runs full critical hit. If you hitting a weakspot, then you must be at 100% critical hit rate. If you want to you can drop the 4 levels of attack for 4 level of Agitator if you have actually the jewels.

What"s good About Jyura Keenblades II

While it can’t hit purple, what matters more is 1 level that Handicraft so girlfriend can obtain white sharpness, and also then making use of Protective polishing so friend never lose it.Since these weapons depend on protective Polish rather of Master’s Touch, you can afford to shed an augment in Affinity to put in wellness Regen. This can result in more comfy hunts.An superior amount the raw for an element weapon.

Jyura Keenblades Stats

Rarity: 10Sharpness:Handicraft 1: 10 access time of white, 40 hits of white.80 hits of blue sharpness.50 access time of eco-friendly sharpness.Raw Damage: 364 (338 reliable Raw)(Handicraft 1: 372 effective Raw).Affinity: 0%.Element: 330 Lightning (Effective Element: 57) (Handicraft 1, efficient Element: 54.05).Slots:1x Level 3.1x Level 1.

3. Beo Hatchets II

【MHWI】力こそラージャン 双剣ソロ 04"03"83(捕獲) / Rajang double Blades Solo

While the other weapons may have actually a comfier suggestion, honestly, Beotodus’ dual Blades room going to it is in your finest option here since Ice really only took turn off in Iceborne. A construct that mixes damage and comfort would look prefer this:


Just favor with the first set, this build runs Agitator come take advantage of the truth that you’ll be maintaining the monster nearly permanently enraged. Because this weapon additionally has lots of natural white sharpness, you have the right to replace protective Polish v Razor Sharp.

What"s great About Beo Hatchets II

Lots of natural white.These weapons are flexible to build with thanks to your high element, high basic sharpness, and flexible jewel slots.Doesn’t require handicraft and also pretty lenient on security Polish and Razor Sharp.

Beo Hatchets II Stats

Rarity: 10Sharpness:70 access time of white sharpness.40 hits of blue sharpness.Raw Damage: 350 (362 reliable Raw).Affinity: 0%.Element: 360 ice (Effective Element: 60.95).Slots:1x Level 2.1x Level 1.

2. Anja Twinrippers II

【MHWI 】イヴェルカーナ 双剣ソロ 3"42"28 TA wiki rule Velkhana double Blades solo

The Anja Twinrippers II have to be your go-to weapon because that fire damage. Shattering Flames is a solid 2nd if you’re looking for either an alternative or an ext comfort.


I introduce this build because it trades part points that Agitator because that Handicraft, and still has actually room for Protective Polish and full crit.

What"s good About Anja Twinrippers II

Lots of blue sharpness if you don’t want to run handicraft.With Handicraft, you get a decent sliver that white sharpness and a huge damage bump.You can gain these blades reasonably early.

Anja Twinrippers II Stats

Rarity: 10Sharpness:70 hits of white sharpness.40 hits of blue sharpness.Raw Damage: 378 (370.91 effective Raw).Affinity: -20%.Element: 360 Fire (Effective Element: 60.95).Slots:none.

1. Enduring Surrender

【MHWI】特殊闘技場:火竜マスター編 リオレウス なしなし双剣ソロ 03"35"88 TA wiki rules/Rathalos dual Blades solo

Enduring Surrender is no only one of the sexiest looking double Blades out there, however it’s additionally one of the ideal Dragon double blades around. If she looking for an ext comfort, then i recommend death Row. 


Just favor the previous build, this develop can operation a lot of of damages through complete crit, 2 levels of Handicraft, and also two level of Agitator.

What"s good About Enduring Surrender

Protective Polish and two level of Handicraft no too difficult to build.Handicraft 2 lets you fight white sharpness, which is a huge damage increase.Protective Polish additionally keeps your damages up due to the fact that you won’t have actually too lot sharpness to play with.

Enduring Surrender Stats

Rarity: 10.Sharpness:Handicraft 2: 10 access time of white, 90 hits of blue.80 access time of blue sharpness.20 access time of eco-friendly sharpness.Raw Damage: 336 (306 effective Raw)(Handicraft 2, reliable Raw: 336.6).Affinity: 0%.Element: 510 dragon (Effective Element: 66.94) (Handicraft 2, reliable Element: 72.45).Slots:2x Level 1 Jewels.

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If you want to view an album of some of the best builds in Monster Hunter for dual Blades, i recommend visiting this link.

What about Safi"Jiiva?

When this write-up was written, Safi"Jiiva hadn"t to be released yet. 

Once Safi is released though, the double Blades are going come stick to the same game arrangement as the current meta - go hefty into element and also never look at back. You"ll want to choose up all of the element Safi twin Blades and also awaken because that elemental damage. 

The biggest alters happen for its armor builds. While silver- Rathalos is still good, that will acquire outdamaged by Safi"Jiiva + 2 computer of Velkhana equipment by 1%-2%. 

If you desire to read the builds for double Blades post-Safi"Jiiva or the math behind it, then please visit this album.