Yes, you read that right. It"s just four brief months until the game shuts down, however an English Patch for Frontier has lastly been created. I"ll offer you some an easy info ~ above the patch and also why it"s being produced now, however if you"d like to just acquire straight to downloading and install it and also checking out Frontier, feel free to skip to the web links at the end. The Taiwanese server of the video game is complimentary to play till shutdown in December and is only missing a handful of monster that space exclusive to the Japanese server. It"s still possible to do most of what the video game offers including the game"s 80+ exclusive monster so now is as good a time as any kind of to jump in. So…

Why wasn"t an English job made before now?

The video game came the end 12 years ago, therefore why has there seemingly to be no effort to create an English Patch choose with Monster Hunter Online? Well, the truth is the a an excellent chunk that the game has been analyzed for a if now. The database on the English information website also has English translations for most of the items and also all the monsters and also skills.The problem is the implementing this translations right into the video game was pointless.

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For everything reason, Capcom virtual Games(creators of Frontier) really didn"t desire anyone cheating. For this reason the video game has an anti-cheat mechanism in place called GameGuard. GameGuard checks every solitary file that the video game for tampering whenever you play and also presumably flags any accounts with adjusted files for banning. Do an English Patch before would have actually been pointless because anyone who provided it would most likely be banned and also thus, not be able to play the game.

So why make one now?

Because the situation has changed. No many civilization outside of the Frontier neighborhood know this, but prior to the game"s shutdown was announced, there to be an certain massive hiatus top top the Taiwanese server of the game. The Taiwanese server the the video game has always been a couple of updates behind the Japanese version, and the hiatus started just two updates before the big ZZ update. At first we theorised that they to be going to merge the 2 updates together, yet then the hiatus go on for month ~ month after month till eventually, shutdown was announced.

The hiatus walk on for around six months, and basically killed the Taiwanese playerbase, including countless members that the English community. Even now there are only around 50-60 players on average across all Taiwanese servers. It appears the Taiwanese developer learned around the game"s shutdown month beforehand, and also had all however abandoned the game. When the game"s shutdown is sad, this made the perfect opportunity for finally making a patch. That is most likely the developer either aren"t paying fist to the cheating due to the fact that they are no longer working on Frontier, or they merely don"t care around how people modify a dying game. It"s to be over 2 weeks due to the fact that the job was an initial tested and also so much no one has been banned.

Who developed the patch?

The job was practically solely do by Fist, a lengthy time English player and also the creator that the English Frontier information website A few regular Frontier football player such together myself likewise helped through shortening down several of the items names for this reason they fit in ~ the game"s minimal textboxes, but apart native that, Fist translated everything and also created the spot himself.

What does it translate?

Pretty lot all the crucial stuff. All the monster names, almost all the menus, most of the items, basically every one of the necessities. The spot is still being worked on, however less crucial stuff prefer flavour text and armours(because there space so many) will certainly not be translated.

Is there a hazard to using it?

Yes. Although the is likely the TW developers won"t treatment even if they are still checking this stuff, utilizing the patch will still bring a ban risk. It has been tested, yet only an extremely lightly end a short period. If you"d choose not to usage it, the video game is tho 100% playable without.

I"d choose to watch some instances of the patch!

Here are some screenshots and videos that the patch that were shared during its development.

5H8K0ak - 12 years after release, Monster Hunter Frontier finally has an English Patch

5H8K0ak - 12 years after release, Monster Hunter Frontier lastly has one English Patch

e3cjt5 - 12 year after release, Monster Hunter Frontier finally has one English Patch

e3cjt5 - 12 years after release, Monster Hunter Frontier ultimately has one English Patch

rf2hgt - 12 years after release, Monster Hunter Frontier ultimately has an English Patch

rf2hgt - 12 years after release, Monster Hunter Frontier lastly has one English Patch

So, exactly how do I collection it up?

First of all, you should actually download and setup Monster Hunter Frontier on her computer. Go to and also check the end the "Basics and also Beginners" section for accuse on just how to collection it up.

Once you"ve make an account and also checked the video game works, you have the right to download the patch native here. Merely follow the accuse on the web page to obtain it working with your download of Frontier.

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If you have actually any more questions, or simply want to hang out through the remainder of the English community, you have the right to join the Discord server here.