3000 Kozloski Road, Freehold NJ 07728Phone:732-431-6000For clients only 800-662-3114

Due come confidentiality and HIPAA federal and also state regulations, you require to incorporate a telephone contact number and/or address when you email us. No responses by the County possibly revealing protected Health Information have the right to be do via e-mail.

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MCDSS administers WorkFirst (WFNJ), NJ"s Temporary help to Needy families (TANF) Program, general Assistance (GA), and also Food Stamps. MCDSS determines financial eligibility because that Medicaid programs, offers child support and also general social services; emergency sanctuary to TANF, GA and SSI recipients.

Days and also Hours:

Freehold at3000 Kozloski Road;Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. To4:30 p.m. S Townshipat 2405 route 66; Monday,Wednesday, Thursday and Fridayfrom 8:30 a.m. To4:30 p.m.and Tuesday 8:30 a.m. To 8 p.m.

For after hrs emergencies contact 732-431-6000.

Area Served: Monmouth CountyOther contact Information: every programs and also services deserve to be derived through the central office in Freehold. Outreach offices offer application and re-determination activities for TANF, Food Stamps, GA and Medicaid. S Township Office, 2405 path 66, Ocean, NJ 07712, Family and also Adult Services-732-431-6000, Food Stamps-732-431-6000.

Services Provided: In enhancement to Food Stamps, TANF, general Assistance and also Medicaid, MCDSS offers case management, counseling and support services to: families and also children, pregnant teens, teenage parents, mothers of high threat infants, physically handicapped children and also adults; also to: adult living in the community, boarding homes and health treatment facilities. Medical transportation, child support services, protective services for adults of all periods for abuse/neglect in boarding homes, aftercare to individuals discharged from psychiatric, drug or alcohol abuse programs, pregnancy avoidance counseling. Real estate related services including rent subsidies, residence repair, tenant/landlord relations, and housing change for disabled persons. Volunteer solutions in coordination with ar groups.Method of Application: In person application in any kind of office suggested. Applications for certain financial support programs might take several hrs to complete. Residence visits have the right to be arranged in distinct cases.Eligibility Requirements: Yes. Varied revenue standards apply for the different programs offered.Fees/Dues: None required.

Handicapped Access: Yes.

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Transportation Provided: Not Applicable. Languages Spoken: English and also Spanish. Speak to in development to arrange interpreter for Arabic, Chinese, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Vietnamese, or Indian-Hindi.