World of final Fantasy is a curious twisted on final Fantasy. Component FF, part Pokemon, Mirages are the new key mechanic - little cutesy execution of top FF creatures and enemies that you have the right to catch and fight with. Recording them is recognized as an imprism, and the opportunity to capture them is - friend guessed that - a prismtunity.

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As you'd expect for a game of this type, there's a whole lot of mirage creatures. There's therefore many, in fact, that they don't quite fit into one RPG Site page - we've had actually to split this guide in 2 (click right here for component one). There's far more mirages than can be lugged on person or also in her prism instance - therefore you'll be forced to transfigure mirages into new creatures to gain every one.

If you need a check list or help in recognize a details mirage, this web page will help. We've got every mirage listed, plus where and how to imprism them, also as stats and abilities. Simple, right? 

Remember, this is component two of 2 - struggle this attach to see part one with the rest of the mirages in WOFF.


World of final Fantasy Mirage List/Guide: terms you need to know

Mastery Abilities: The ability a team of Mirages will acquire when you with 100% sync rateSize: A mirage's size, i m sorry determines wherein it deserve to sit in a stack. XL mirages have the right to be summoned into battle but can't be component of a continual stacking arrangement.Weight: A mirage's weight, i m sorry is directly used to fix some puzzles in the game.Transfigurations: The various forms a Mirage have the right to transform into. You can move earlier and forth in between transfigurations at will certainly on the mirage board, but many transfigurations at first have specific requirements such as hitting a specific level or owning a certain item. Abilities: The fight abilities each mirage has available. Some will need to be unlocked on the mirage board. Some are active combat moves, when some space passive stat boosts.Found: Where this mirage deserve to be uncovered in the game world of WOFF. Head here to find one in the wild to imprism.

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Prismtunity: The act you should do in bespeak to do a mirage imprismable. No all mirages can be imprismed in the wild - some should be transfigured indigenous their previously forms instead.

Bismarck Mirages

Masteries: Abyss, vertical Cleave, Critcal+++, Strength+++, Thunder Resistance++, resist Blindness