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So what if ns was just a painterPainting homes on the wealthy blue coastWould girlfriend ever try to leaving meFor somebody that deserves you mostCause darling ns am just a painterI'm painting dwellings for the well-off old folksI'm gonna make a million dollarsCause nobody's gonna steal you, noFor diamonds and goldFor diamonds and goldCause I've broken bones because that youAnd because that you onlyI do the money, however we simply can't keep this homeGive me her heart and also your handAnd we deserve to runWe have the right to run, we can run, baby run nowWe deserve to run, baby runShe's choose a bullet with an oceanI tho remember just how you moved so slowYou make the efforts to death me through a shotgunBang, currently we're evenWe don't prevent till someone's bleedingWe don't protect against till someone's bleeding
Cause I've broken bones for youAnd because that you onlyI do the money, however we simply can't save this homeGive me her heart and also your handThen we deserve to runWe deserve to run, we have the right to run, baby run nowWe can run, infant run, infant you're my hopePermanently yoursSometimes, the moon looks brighter 보다 the sunAs times prefer this run up my wristsShe hates all of the guts and bloodSplash approximately with meWhile we move like flames on burn sheetsAnd your doctor won't stop calling me her medicationBut, infant no, sometimes things don't job-related out the way we've plannedTo live is just to fall asleepTo dice is to awakeMaybe we're intended to shed the ones us loveBut, I'll fight for you it spins thenAnd if the stole you from meOn my arm there's a tattoo of her name
I've damaged bones for youAnd for you onlyI necessary money, but fuck moneyWe desire loveGive me your heart and your handAnd we can run
Vic Fuentes in a track-by-track for AltPress:

“I composed this tune as a gift to mine parents. It’s meant to it is in my dad talk to mine mom. My dad has actually worked very hard his entire life together a painting contractor, struggling and also fighting to make sufficient money to keep us going. We recently had to offer our house since things to be just getting too expensive to afford anymore. This track is about how through all the years, mine mom and also dad have never allow money tear lock apart, and also no issue how poor things got, they’ve constantly had each other. I strongly express my hate for money and the way it sometimes fucks through people’s lives and families. All you need is love. The Beatles were ideal all along. Go figure”


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