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Netflix knew fans were chomping at the bit for the third season of "Orange Is the New Black," so they released it a day ahead of the scheduled June 12 premiere. Allow us to remind you who"s who.

Piper Chapman (played by Taylor Schilling) is an entrepreneur who lands in jail for drug offenses she committed years earlier.

Alex Vause (Laura Prepon) was Piper"s former lover who caused her to go to jail because of Alex"s involvement in drug smuggling when the two were a couple. The pair meet again in prison.

Sam Healy (Michael Harney) is a counselor and corrections officer at Litchfield Penitentiary in upstate New York. He has issues with lesbians and causes problems for Piper.

Miss Claudette Pelage (Michelle Hurst) is one of the oldest inmates at the prison. She ends up there after killing a client who abused an employee at her cleaning company. Other prisoners fear her.

Galina "Red" Reznikov (Kate Mulgrew), right, runs the prison kitchen and is a force to be reckoned with.
Nicky Nichols (Natasha Lyonne), left, is a recovering drug addict and Lorna Morello (Yael Stone) a kitchen worker who, in season one, were friends with benefits.
Lorna, left, with Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren (Uzo Aduba), a disruptive inmate who takes a special liking to her "Dandelion," Piper. Her more sensitive side is revealed in season one.
Sophia Burset (Laverne Cox) is transgender and serves as the prison"s hairdresser. Her sexual identity causes her to sometimes be bullied by some of the other inmates.
Prison guard John Bennett (Matt McGorry) and inmate Dayanara "Daya" Diaz (Dascha Polanco) begin an illicit love affair that puts his job at risk.
Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett (Taryn Manning) is a meth-addicted born-again Christian who is not above attacking fellow inmates, including Piper. In season two she becomes less devout.
Aleida Diaz (Elizabeth Rodriguez) is Daya"s mother. Doing time for drug charges, she appears to not love her daughter initially but is later revealed to be protective of her.
Jason Biggs plays Larry Bloom, a journalist and Chapman"s (formerly) doting fiancé. He stood by her in season one even when the more sordid details of her past were revealed but becomes increasingly disenchanted and eventually exploits her prison sentence to bolster his career.
Pablo Schreiber plays corrupt prison guard George Mendez, better known as Pornstache (one guess why). He breaks all the rules, from smuggling drugs into the prison to having sex with inmates. In season one, he is suspended without pay for his actions.
Lorraine Toussaint joined the cast in season two as Yvonne "Vee" Parker, shown here with Gloria. Former drug runner Vee clashes with the other inmates, including Red.
It was announced in August that comedian Mike Birbiglia as joining the cast in season 3. He was guarded about the details of his role in an October interview with People magazine.
The comic will appear on Season 3

Birbiglia appeared in "The Fault in Our Stars"

There is no info on who he will portray

Comedian Mike Birbiglia has a new role on lock down.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the comic actor will appear in Season 3 of the hit Netflix series “Orange is the New Black” which is set in a women’s prison.

Birbiglia, whose 2012 film “Sleepwalk With Me” adapted from his one-man show was critically acclaimed, has been on a roll lately with his career. He appeared in the 2014 film “The Fault in Our Stars,” and will next be seen in the film reboot of the musical “Annie,” starring Quvenzhane Wallis, Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz.

No details have been released about Birbiglia’s character as the show maintains a strict level of secrecy. But showrunner Jenji Kohan told THR in an earlier interview that the next season will be “about faith, to a certain extent.”

’Orange is the New Black’ season 2: What’s the verdict?

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