Might and Magic: Clouds of Xeen

Also recognized as: Might and also Magic IV: Clouds the XeenDeveloper: new World ComputingPublisher: brand-new World ComputingPlatform: DOSReleased in US: 1992

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Might and also Magic: Clouds that Xeen is the fourth game in the award-winning Might and also Magic collection of first-person dungeon crawler role-playing games. This time around, it seems that part Skeletor wannabe come out of nowhere and also decided come take end one side of the two-sided world of Xeen. As usual, it"s up to a party of increase to six adventurers to go out, kick part monster hide, and fix everything.


2 Leftover Might and Magic III Code


Prototype Info

Leftover Might and also Magic III Code

Since the civilization of Xeen gamings were made using the coding and also interface from the ahead game, there room a couple of random bits-and-bobs left end from that video game which deserve to be found through save video game editing.

Note: A bulk of the following also applies to the next game, together they share many of the same engine.

Unused Alignment Strings


By messing with a character"s worths (in this case, race and gender), one can uncover strings for various place names, condition ailments, and even the previous games" character alignments (Good, Neutral, and Evil). In the Xeen games, Alignment goes fully unused, therefore the byte the was previously supplied to recognize a character"s alignment became a value which tells the game if a personality is in Clouds that Xeen or Darkside of Xeen.

Hireling Party Slots

In the previous two games, the player could add two an ext members to your party. This extra party members, well-known as "Hirelings", can be discovered at any of the inns of the game and, choose the surname implies, lock would continue to be with the party because that as long as they could cover the expenses of hiring them. Some of the coding for this device remains within the Xeen games and even works... Come a point.


Forcing the video game to include a saturday member come the party is rather bug-free. The seventh character"s portrait displays over-and-to-the-right of the an initial character"s while your hit allude crystal is aligned to the bottom-right of their portrait.

For all intents and also purposes, the game also recognizes the extra party member together being valid and also functional and also can do just around anything any of the various other six members can. However, there are some caveats, many of which can be negated by swapping lock with one more party member in the character sheets:

Pressing F7 directly from the main display will not open the seventh character sheet. However, pushing F1 with F6 (to view any kind of other party member), complied with by F7, will.Viewing the seventh character"s sheet will certainly temporarily glitch the an initial two portraits upon leaving the sheet. Doing anything that would impact the portraits (sleeping, obtaining hurt, etc.) will reclaim them, return the bottom-left framework of the home window will tho look odd.The saturday character cannot be given any kind of items, return items can be required into your inventory need to the various other party members" inventories it is in full.The seventh character can, however, hand your inventory end to everyone else.Despite what the user interface says in that fifth screenshot, the saturday character can not be provided to make options (such as opened doors), nor deserve to they be targeted by trusted spells or items.The seventh character likewise cannot it is in selected for shop interfaces of any sort.


Trying to include an eighth character to your roster outcomes in miscellaneous a little an ext spectacularly broken.

For everything reason, any kind of character placed in the eighth slot will have their data severely corrupted v junk data. Together a result, your name and personally-identifiable info will be changed to be wiped, your stats will certainly skyrocket to the maximum possible values (including temporary values), they"ll have actually every solitary Spell (inaccessible, due to not being a assignment caster), Skill, and Award possible, be offered a glitched inventory full of junk items, and also have varying levels of every single status ailment possible, even if it doesn"t do sense.

Error illustration sprite in window: 0000 handle: 0008 frame: 0016!Exiting the personality sheets after ~ looking in ~ theirs crashes the video game with the above error message.


Removing extra party members and resurrecting the eighth member in ~ a temple doesn"t deal with their stats, nor does it do them fully-functional. Attacking with them will always crash the game and, since they don"t have actually a class, they deserve to never equip anything. However, that does do them the single most powerful member of her party, able to survive any attack, open any lock, smash any type of gates, and so on. One of two people way, it"s abundantly clear the the designers never intended for the party to have eight members, again.

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Also, choose with the seventh character, the eighth is appropriately registered v the Inn together being "In Party,", as well as showing up together a selection (F8) ~ above interactions, regardless of being unselectable.

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