Immediately together you start the campaign, you will certainly be given your very first Core units, Swordsmen (Swordman main point Units). Together you will certainly notice, you are a new character now. The just thing that continues throughout the projects is the story. Various other than that, they room independent. Move forward and also you will be forced to hit a Griffin Knight. You"re both level 1, so this need to be easy.

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After the fight, your character flees come the west. In this area, two guards rotate approximately the square in one anti-clockwise rotation. You have to aim to gain to the top-left area to leave the square. Carry out so by avoiding eye call with the guards. Only relocate when you recognize that the guards will not have the ability to see you. Once you obtain to the top-left, the security leave, permit you to move south and open the chest. However, we will leave that for now, as opening it will reveal a level 4 enemy, which would be extremely complicated at this stage.

Continue north and also fight the following Griffin Knight. After ~ this, you will certainly be provided your second Core units, Archers (Archer main point Units). Come the best is a cave. Feel free to get in now, however we will need to come ago later anyway. Prevent ambushes, together you will not it is in levelled high sufficient yet to victory fights (not conveniently anyway). Within there room two chests, and also Valdo, who you will come earlier here again because that later. The lower chest has actually money, whilst the upper chest has actually an artifact, Lion"s Mane (Artifact 1/10).

Equip the artifact, leave the cave and also continue north. There is an additional square here with two guards that you should avoid. Watch for your pattern. Wait for the best Knight to relocate left, and then conveniently move to the safehaven to the right. Currently wait for the best Knight to relocate downwards, and also the left article to move upwards, and also then downwards again. Conveniently move come the optimal of the square. Now simply wait because that the left article to relocate all the method down and right prior to making her exit. After ~ doing so, they will certainly both leave the square. Collection gold native the surrounding crate and then move north.

Here, speak to the Griffin Knight and also take keep in mind of what that says. "Sky is BLUE, grass is GREEN and also Knights bleed proud RED...". Relocate left and you will be challenged by the Bouncer. This will be a special kind of battle. You have to hit the coloured shields in the correct order, unique presented to usage by the Griffin knight we just met. I repeat: Blue, Green, Red.

Once inside, you will meet Varkas, that tells Godric of Anwen. Throughout the conversation, sir Tolliver overhears you and also offers come join. Together such, you obtain your third collection of core units, Spearmen (Spearman core Units). Rolly the Innkeeper has two Puzzle Battles, yet you cannot take it him ~ above yet, together you require a Priestess and also a Knight. Speak to the others in the room. There is a Bounty certified dealer in the lower-left. He provides you the pursuit to find and also defeat Georgie. You can also collect pursuits for Boydon, Erstam, Carnax and also Valdo. Accept every one of these. After ~ doing so, exit the room. If friend want, you deserve to talk to, and fight Georgie, but without upstream units, it can be rather difficult.

Exit the building and go left. Acquisition the upstream unit, Priestess (Priestess elite Units) indigenous the Unit Dwelling. Now go every the method to the right and also purchase the upstream unit, Knight from the Unit apartment (Knight upstream Units). Head earlier into the Inn and also talk come Rolly, the Innkeeper. You will certainly now be able to complete among the Puzzle Battles.

Rolly #1. Relocate the blue Swordsman top top the right to the left-most Priestess. Now move one of the yellow Spearmen ~ above the best to the position listed below the right-most Priestess. Next, eliminate the yellow Spearman in the centre of the 4 Swordsmen. This will produce a wall, and also two upstream attacks. To finish off, relocate the staying Priestess to the left enemy, and also the two staying Spearmen to her place (Battle Puzzle 1/4).

The second Puzzle fight requires a Griffin, yet at the very least we"ve provided the above Puzzle fight to level up our units, right? talk to Georgie in the Inn, and also defeat that (Bounty 1/5). This should be much easier with the Elite devices you now have. There is a level 6 Knight referred to as Jarvis in the room, however he"ll it is in too hard for now, so collect your bounty indigenous the Bounty Agent and also then departure the Inn again.

Stock increase on Priestesses and Knights (make sure you don"t have more than 2 Knights though), and also then relocate towards the prison. In this battle, you must attack both pullies in ~ the very same time. Synchronise your strikes to do so, targeting the ropes specifically. Both Elite systems take 4 turns, so girlfriend could shot to set both of these up on the same turn, then protect for the remainder of the game. For releasing the Knights, girlfriend will obtain 8 elite Knight units.

After this, move east and also then north. Defeat the Griffin article here. This deserve to be a tough battle. Try to get rid of his elite units prior to he has collection them up because that an attack. Additionally use your Edric"s Shield capacity and build lots that walls. After ~ the fight, count Carlyle flees to the east. Walk north and defeat the Archers. Over there are only three of them, but they relocate left and right with each turn. One of two people synchronise an attack, or just assault randomly. Note that they perform "ready up" because that an attack too. After the battle, walk north and talk come Evelyn. She will certainly tell friend of a tournament, give you a disguise, and give friend 4 Priestesses.

Move back South. To her left, friend will see a article that has a Puzzle battle symbol above his head. Unfortunately, you also need Griffins to finish them. Relocate to the area near the Priestess Unit Dwelling and also defeat Boydon, among the bounties (your level need to be at the very least 5 by now) (Bounty 2/5). After this, go back to the Inn to collect your bounty.

Before we move on, move south to the squares when more. Keep in mind that below you might be ambushed through Knights. In among the squares, you will see Fillion (Side pursuit 1/4). Talk to him, hit him, and also defeat him. That is an extremely tough, due to the fact that his Zombie devices poison her units, degrading their health and wellness over time. As such, ns recommend building lots of wall surfaces to defend versus poison attacks, and then construct Elite units behind. If you still can not win, come earlier later when you have actually Champion units and are of a higher level. As well as money and XP, over there is not lot to be winner in this fight. Go to the lower-left and shot to open up the chest. Friend will very first be struck by a level 4 enemy. Defeat them and also then collect the artifact; Phoenix Feather (Artifact 2/10).

Just over Fillion is a cave. Get in here and fight the bounty target, Valdo (Bounty 3/5). Valdo also has Zombie units, so use the very same tactic as above by developing walls come defend against their poison. After the fight, go back north to collection your bounty native the Bounty Agent. Whilst you are back at the Inn, struggle Jarvis (Side search 2/4), together you should now it is in the same level as him in ~ level 6. The doesn"t offer you much for beating him. He might have in ~ least given us an artifact...

Exit the Inn, and exit the city via the north-east exit. You room now near the coliseum. Collection gold indigenous the crate, then relocate south. There are two chests come open; one within the walls, and one external the wall surfaces (the one we experienced at the start of the campaign. Uncover some resources in the an initial chest, and an artifact; Knight"s Armor (Artifact 3/10), in the 2nd chest. To the north-east of the coliseum is a Unit Dwelling because that the Champion unit; Griffins (Griffin Champion Units). Acquisition some. Before moving on, we will certainly go back and finish some Puzzle battles for simple XP. Departure the area to the west. Continue moving west and talk come Sir Roderick.

Sir Roderick #1. Move the left-most Swordsman to the position above the ideal of the Griffin. Currently take the left-most Spearman and place him above the right-most Spearman. Eliminate the Swordsman top top the right to produce two attacks. Next, move the left-most Swordsman come the position above the left that the Griffin. Remove the Spearman top top the right side that the Griffin to produce a Griffin attack. Finally, relocate the lone Spearman to the best for a Priestess strike (Battle Puzzle 2/4).

Sir Roderick"s 2nd Puzzle battle requires an Angel, so head come the Inn and talk come Rolly.

Rolly #2. Remove the Archer that is underneath the Swordsman to the left of your wall. Currently remove the Archer straight to the best of her wall. Move both continuing to be Swordsmen to the left because that the Griffin attack, and also then both continuing to be Archers to the ideal for one more Griffin assault (Battle Puzzle 3/4).

For completing both Puzzle Battles, Rolly will offer you one artifact; a gold Spear (Artifact 4/10). Head earlier to the coliseum area and also talk come the organiser to get in the tournament. Your an initial battle is against Sir Gerhardt, a level 6 Knight. Your second battle is versus Fayed, a level 7 Archmage. The third and final battle (why execute things constantly happen in threes in video games?) is versus Sir Kenneth Drake, a level 8 warrior... Necromancer? success this fight (use her Champion systems effectively!), and you will certainly be announced the victor.

To the ideal of the coliseum is Sir Gerhardt, that wishes to fight friend again (Side pursuit 3/4). He"s boosted dramatically due to the fact that your last fight, enhancing his level by +2. Remarkable what a loss have the right to do to you...

Exit the area to the right, and also you will discover Sir Randy guarding a statue. Fight and defeat him. He was guarding a passageway. Go into the passageway to discover a small cave, through two chests; one containing resources, the other containing the artifact Holy tongue (Artifact 5/10), Carnax, a level 12 bounty, and also a Unit Dwelling for a special Unit, knife Masters (Sword grasp Special Units). Purchase this and also exit (you will certainly not have the ability to defeat Carnax yet). To the left of the 2 Angel statues is the Unit Dwelling for the last Champion unit, Angels (Angel Champion Units). You need to now very own all systems for this campaign.

Head ago west 2 areas and complete sir Roderick"s 2nd Puzzle Batttle.

Sir Roderick #2. Remove a wall above the central-ish Archer. Remove among the left-most Archers. Take the Swordsman over the Spearman and move that one space to the left. Remove the left-most Archer to create an point of view attack. Remove the left-most Archer to produce a Swordsman attack. Finally, move the two lone Swordsmen come the appropriate to develop a 2nd Angel assault (Battle Puzzle 4/4).

For beating both Puzzle Battles, sir Roderick will give you one artifact; Staff of Elrath (Artifact 6/10).

Return come the coliseum area when more. Here, you will discover Erstam, one of the bounty targets (Bounty 4/5). Defeat him and also collect your bounty from the Bounty agent in the Inn. Go back to the coliseum ... Again. Currently let"s move on v the story. Go north to satisfy the Emperor. The will give you an artifact, King"s Crown (Artifact 7/10), but you room told to deliver it come the counting Carlyle, which we won"t. We"re going to equip that instead due to the fact that this artifact will offer the benefit of calling reinforcements for free. Head east and then north to fulfill with him. First, you will view Lord Bloodcrown talking to count Carlyle. Time to face him...

Count Carlyle summons Demons. Defeat them. Count Carlyle will certainly then do his escape. Open up the chest to collection 5 Angels and also an artifact, Blessed wing (Artifact 8/10). Now make your way back come the Emperor. Friend will have to defeat some Demons on the way, including the two guards outside Count Carlyle"s castle. As you pass the coliseum girlfriend will notification you can talk come the organiser. He says you can fight because that prizes (Side pursuit 4/4), therefore accept and win the very first fight for the artifact Feathered Helm (Artifact 9/10). Win second two fights for the artifact Crown the Elrath (Artifact 10/10).

Let"s carry on through the story by moving north in the direction of the Emperor. Girlfriend must first face his guards. Once inside, meet up with Count Carlyle and also the Emperor to watch Count Carlyle transform... The is a level 15 boss, for this reason make certain your Hero is level 10, and all the systems you desire to use are level 5. If they"re not, find an area whereby you can obtain ambushed (any cave, or the squares indigenous earlier). The boss fight isn"t also difficult. Counting Carlyle has 150HP and has no other units, so your assaults must hit him directly. Counting Carlyle"s strike involves first vomiting a horizontal wall surface in front of him. The vomit wall surfaces will relocate towards your units on space per turn, prior to propelling itself towards you. Count Carlyle also has an attack that take away 4 turns, which randomly turns several of your devices in come food. He will certainly consume these piece of food, and also spit them out after 5 more turns. It"s actually not too difficult if you regulate to create Champion and Elite attacks in the center of the board and create several walls.

With the boss fight, the story for this project is over. You will unlock sir Varkas for use in Multiplayer and also the Heresh campaign will begin. Once you gain a chance, save, quit, and load up the divine Griffin Empire project once an ext to complete off everything you haven"t done. If you followed the walkthrough, you should just have actually one side pursuit remaining.

First, make certain your Hero is level 10, and also all the systems you wish to use space level 5. Now go all the method to the east, and to the concealed passageway near Count Carlyle"s building. Here, you should uncover Carnax, a level 12 Demon (Bounty 5/5). The isn"t too difficult of a hit if you use your Champion devices effectively. Return to the Bounty agent in the Inn as soon as you"re excellent to collect your reward. You need to now have actually completed all pursuits in this campaign.

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Suggested area for Unstoppable Army!

There room various areas with ambushes in this campaign. The squares whereby the guards were patrolling (level 6 Knights), the cave in this area (level 4 Zombies), and the mystery passageway close to Count Carlyle"s structure (level 8 Zombies). I would certainly recommend either the Knights or the level 8 Zombies, depending upon whether you desire quicker, stress-free battles, or tougher, more lucrative battles. Either way, make certain you switch out units when they reach level 5.