I simply upgraded to Office 2016 but cannot pull the trigger and fully convert over to using it cuz there are some bugs with contact groups in v15.37 of Outlook the jamesmerse.com demands to fix. For this reason I"m still using the older variation of Outlook (v14.7.7). However, I"d choose to usage the brand-new awesome execution of Excel (v15.37) and Word (v15.37), however every time I open up them I acquire a blog post box popping up that is really persistent and also won"t go away saying:

jamesmerse.com wants to use your confidential info stored in "jamesmerse.com identity in her keychain. To enable this, get in the "login" keychain password", "Password = ", and also "Always Allow", "Deny", and "Allow".

I"ve never ever seen this behavior before. How do I get it to walk away for this reason that brand-new versions that Excel and Word can work?

Also, in this security conscious age, is there any type of danger in giving Excel and Word the password to my keychain?

Thank you very much!

iMac 27" late 2012Mac OS 10.13.3Office version as over

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