Men of War: attack Squad 2 was released in 2014 however it tho stands as great tactical RTS game and war game, providing a class of depththat’smore granular 보다 its typical rival agency of Heroes. It’s not that the damages system is more ‘realistic’, but the game’s architecture is a bit an ext open-ended. You have the right to summon in pre-set squads, or individual units to make and match your very own fireteams.

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There are additionally no ‘bases’ – you earn points at a steady rate throughout a match, and simply summon the units you want from a list. These new recruits will then show up at your friendly sheet of the map. If you’re looking for a an ext frantic and in depth WW2 tactical war game, there room few better and it’s inspired a an excellent mod community around it.

From Star Wars and 40k, WW1 to modern warfare, there’s a an imaginative and diverse choice of males of War: attack Squad 2 mode to give you something brand-new to play approximately with. Countless of lock are focused on multiplayer, but there’s a surprising amount of kind single-player or skirmish content roughly now as well.

The ideal Men that War: assault Squad 2 mods

These space the best Men the War: assault Squad 2 mods:

Robz RealismGreat battle RealismUltimate 40K (ASV UMW 40K)Born in Fire: AmericaStar Wars: Galaxy at WarCall that Duty WW3Men of battle campaigns


Robz Realism Mod

Games concentrating so much on conflict can frequently be good candidates because that ‘realism’ mods, and Assault squad 2 is no different. Robz Realism mode is actually a balance of much more ‘realistic’ mechanics and also balancing, and also is finest played in multiplayer making use of 1944-45 units and also settings.

The alters it implements are rather spread, and also cover every little thing from a brand brand-new accuracy and also bullet fall model, to an altering how devices take damage. Instead of that being based on weapon power, it’s instead based upon where a unit it s okay hit, and also what they acquire hit by. There are also brand-new maps, a brand-new tank damages system, and weapon jamming.


Great battle Realism mod

Inspired by Robz’s mode above, the great War Realism mod shifts the action to the first world battle that attempts to administer the same attention to detail and also realistic gameplay as its WW2 cousin. It right now has 11 meat out nations from the period, return the an easy mod is aimed in ~ multiplayer.

There is but a collection of mods you can examine out that provide missions, and tailor gameplay to details theatres during certain years, which will certainly limit the species of devices you can use.



Previously well-known as the ‘Ultimate mod Warhammer 40K’, this is a finish reskin of assault Squad 2 for the Warhammer 40K universe. It attributes most factions, return notable missing ones include the Necrons and the Tyranids. There’s no timetable for when they’ll be contained at the moment.

Still, that’s a lot of 40K goodness come mess roughly with, and there’s content for solo and co-op objectives as well. About the just truly weird thing is that, regardless of teleporting you come the grim darkness of the much future, you’re quiet battling in mid 20th century Europe. Still, it’ll do!


Born in Fire: America

Despite its title, Born in Fire: America in reality covers warfare across the 18th and also 19th centuries, in both American and Europe. The American battle of independence is a key inspiration, but British colonial conquests additionally seem come feature.

This mod has actually over 50 multiplayer factions, through 1000+ land units, exact city maps and historical battles. There’s three core missions for the American continental army, and also bonus goals covering whatever from the Alamo, come the Zulu War. Girlfriend can find the Moddb linkhere.


Star Wars: Galaxy in ~ War

No strategy video game mod list would be complete without the obligatory Star battles mod, and Men of War’s community doesn’t disappoint. Galaxy in ~ War aims to market an endure that covers material from the Clone Wars ideal through come the finish of Return that the Jedi.

There are only a handful of missions, and also there is some restricted multiplayer support however it only includes infantry units and speeders for the moment. Four factions are right now supported, specific the CIS, the Empire, Rebels and then Republic forces split across a variety of sub-factions.


Call of Duty WW3

The cold war, and also a future ‘WW3’ style setting are fantastic fodder because that a game like guys of War. Ns don’t think I’d ever before have predicted that someone would certainly actually harbor the missions from the popular speak to of Duty games into a real-time tactical video game like this, though.

Call of Duty WW3 bring away the mission dialogue from games like contemporary Warfare 1 & 2, and also recreates the objectives they space from but as attack Squad 2 maps. There space 15 missions, with co-op assistance for up to eight players, and an impressive set of extr changes linked with this mod. Friend should inspect it out.


Men the War project mods

Mods the cover other ages or offer gameplay tweaks aren’t the only options though. The men of War series is a little fragmented, yet there’s been part semi-decent solo content released throughout various standalone spin-offs that have come out over the years.

Various modders havedone some an excellent work porting those objectives into assault Squad 2, so friend have every one of the narrative content in one place:

There is additionally a mode that attempts come recreate the WW2 contact of Duty game’s objectives in men of War, making use of dialogue from original two games.


How to mod males of War: attack Squad 2

Thankfully, attack Squad 2 has actually had steam Workshop integration for a lengthy while now, which renders intalling mods easy.Many of the major mods seem come maintain heavy steam versions together the primary one. The said, there are mods on ModDB the aren’t top top Steam, and one or 2 mods that use the repository together the main source.

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If you execute grab a mode via Moddb, make sure you follow the instructions details to the mode you want. Together a general rule, you’ll it is in unzipping the mod files to your mod folder, i beg your pardon you might need to develop in themain install magazine if one doesn’t exist already. You climate activate them via the in-game menu.