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Heather native Patchogue, NyThe title of this track most most likely doesn"t mean anything. Taking back Sunday gets most of their tune titles in ~ random. Adam has said that he has actually flipped with TV guide or flipped networks for tune titles. Castle either provided the name of the display or supplied the episode title. Currently that being said, ns bet every you TBS fans had actually an "oh yeah!!" Moment. Thank you, - Heather, brand-new YorkMaxx from ft Atkinson, WiMy favorite part of this song. "The fact is you can slit my throat an with my one critical gasping breath I"d apolagize because that bleeding on your shirt". I love it.. Simply cuz that soo true ^-^Adam from Band, Orlmao i can"t believe i actaully just realized this is a perfect tune XDDani indigenous Chicago, Ilthis is around wanting to hate someone so badly but you just can"t. "maybe i have to hate you for this, never really go every quite acquire that far."Charlene native Maryville, Tni think this song is about a girl telling a man that the isnt all that. She fell for that in the beginning, yet then she found out that he was favor everyone rather (boys favor you space a dime a dozen) she tells him not to allow the truth that she preferred him go to his head.... The doesnt average anything anymore... She has begged and also pleaded through him come change, but he won"t therefore she has offered up (these grass stains ~ above my knees wont median a thing) she desires him to miss out on her, yet she cant remain mad in ~ him long enough for the to happen. She says that he could basically death her and she would say its mine fault... Ns am i m really sorry ( you can slit mine throat, and with mine one last gasping breath id apologize because that bleeding on your shirt)Renee from harbor Orange, FlThe line "These grass stains on my knees, they don"t mean a thing," don"t typical that the girl cheated however it supposed nothing come her. It way that she is on she knees, begging, and also he doesn"t care. He"s a lush - a drunk. And also he isn"t walk to hear to her pleas.Cecily native Redding, CaThe title "You"re so last Summer" way just that. It"s the human being trying to convince themself the the various other doesn"t typical anything come them.Bob native Milford, CtI think this song is around a guy and also girl that separation up. It doesn"t phase the girl at all however the young is really upset. "You might slit my throat" method that the loves her so lot that that wouldn"t treatment what she did since he thinks it would certainly be what she would want.see more comments
take On Mea-ha

"Take ~ above Me" was simply a minor hit in Norway till a new version to be released through the top video, making it a global smash.

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HookBlues Traveler

The Blues Traveler tune "Hook" is a Peter Pan reference, but also about the catchy hook that the song, i beg your pardon is what "brings girlfriend back."

Freeway the LoveAretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin didn"t drive, yet one the her best hits to be a auto song: "Freeway of Love."

CruiseFlorida Georgia heat

Florida Georgia Line"s "Cruise" to be the first-ever country solitary to earn diamond certification (10 million units sold) native the RIAA.

Thinking about YouCalvin Harris

"Thinking about You" to be the 9th track native Calvin Harris" 18 month album to get in the UK singles optimal 10. No other artist has obtained so many hits indigenous one LP - Michael Jackson to be the previous document holder with seven optimal 10 tunes from both his Bad and also Dangerous sets.

Mr. Tambourine ManBob Dylan

Bob Dylan"s original version that "Mr. Tambourine Man," exit on his album Bringing it All ago Home, has actually no tambourine, simply guitars and harmonica.

rick SpringfieldSongwriter Interviews

Rick has actually a how amazing dark side, a strong feminine side and, in a specific TV show, a naked backside. Yet he tho hasn"t uncovered Jessie"s Girl.

Fire top top The StageSong writing

When you have actually a song dubbed "Fire," it"s tempting to set one - these guys did.

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Creedence Clearwater RevivalFact or Fiction

Is "Have You ever Seen the Rain" about Vietnam? Was man Fogerty really born on a Bayou? It"s the CCR edition of reality or Fiction.

chris Robinson of The black CrowesSongwriter Interviews

"Great songwriters don"t necessarily have actually hit songs," says Chris. He"s created a bunch, yet his fans are an ext interested in the detailed jams.

go Jimmy web page Worship The Devil? A Look in ~ Satanism in RockSong composing

We ring the Hell"s Bells to view what songs and rockers are sincere in your Satanism, and also how much of it is one act.

Petula ClarkSongwriter Interviews

Petula talks around her hits "Downtown" and also "Don"t Sleep In The Subway," and explains she Michael Jackson connection.