We’ve modded to ride bicycle 74 Autotuna i beg your pardon is consisted of in Max 7 Pitch and Time maker pack.

Now you deserve to easily pick which range you desire to pitch correct.

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Update! 1.1!


Aaron Levitz please upgraded the maker to now encompass all the Mods!!

Download below

*Please note that you require to have actually Max4Live in bespeak to utilize this device, which only comes with Live Suite.

Update! 1.3!


Aaron Levitz (Greater than Zero) once again gift us with a good update!

Added every the scales the are easily accessible on the PUSHAutotuna will now follow the Live and the push scale selection!

Awesome stuff Aaron!

*Please keep in mind that you need to have actually Max4Live in order to utilize this device, which only comes through Live Suite.


Ableton Suite 10 or higher


1. Download

2. Copy to her user Library/Presets/Audio Effects/Max Audio Effects

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