Matter and Interactions provides a modern curriculum for introductory (calculus) physics and is the very first edition to incorporate v every end-of-chapter problem and also a completely integrated virtual text because that Matter and Interactions is an virtual teaching and also learning platform that helps instructors and students achieve educational success.

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Students obtain plenty of exercise with end-of-chapter problems.

Available in, every end-of-chapter problem from the message is available with algorithmic worths to curb cheating as well as carry out robust practice and also assessment capabilities.


Interactive online message helps drive student engagement.

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The complete online message in web links individual problems earlier to the relevant chapter content.

Features IncludeDiscussion transparent the message contrasting iterative and also analytical difficulty solutionsMany brand-new computational modeling problems, big and smallMore conversation throughout the the contrast between models the a device as a point particle and as an extended systemImproved discussion of the inert Principle throughout Volume 1Enhanced treatment of polarization surface charge in electrostatics (Chapter 14) and also circuits (Chapter 18) based on computational modelsExtensive difficulty sets in ~ the finish of every chapter with improved indication of difficulty level

VOLUME I: modern Mechanics

Interactions and also MotionThe momentum PrincipleThe fundamental InteractionsContact InteractionsDetermining forces from MotionThe power PrincipleInternal EnergyEnergy QuantizationTranslational, Rotational, and Vibrational EnergyCollisionsAngular MomentumEntropy: limits on the Possible

VOLUME II: Electric and Magnetic Interactions

Electric FieldElectric Fields and also MatterElectric field of distributed ChargesElectric PotentialMagnetic FieldElectric Field and also CircuitsCircuit ElementsMagnetic ForcePatterns of ar in SpaceFaraday’s LawElectromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic RadiationThe complying with supplements deserve to be uncovered at

Supplement S1 Gases and Heat Engines S1-1

Supplement S2 Semiconductor gadgets S2-1

Supplement S3 tide S3-1