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Mastering Kali Linux for progressed Penetration experimentation - 3rd Edition

This is the code repository because that Mastering Kali Linux for advanced Penetration trial and error - 3rd Edition, published by Packt.

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Secure her network through Kali Linux 2019.1 - the can be fried white cap hackers" toolkit

What is this book about?

This publication will take you, as a tester or defense practitioner with the trip of reconnaissance, vulnerability assessment, exploitation, and also post-exploitation tasks used by penetration testers and also hackers.

This book covers the following exciting features:Select and configure the most effective tools from Kali Linux to test network securityEmploy stealth to avoid detection in the network being testedRecognize when stealth strikes are being used versus your networkExploit networks and also data solution using wired and wireless networks and web servicesIdentify and also download valuable data indigenous target systemsMaintain access to jeopardized systemsUse social engineering to deteriorate the weakest component of the network-the end users

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Instructions and also Navigations

All of the password is organized right into folders. For example, Chapter02.

The code will certainly look prefer the following:

>>&Variable;">Following is what you require for this book:This 3rd edition that Mastering Kali Linux for progressed Penetration experimentation is for you if you space a security analyst, pentester, honest hacker, that professional, or defense consultant wanting to maximize the success of your infrastructure testing using some of the advanced features that Kali Linux. Prior exposure the penetration testing and also ethical hacking basics will certainly be valuable in do the many out of this book.

With the complying with software and also hardware perform you have the right to run all code files current in the publication (Chapter 1-14).

Software and also Hardware List

ChapterSoftware requiredOS required
1Raspberry Pi3Kali Linux
5Malduino Elite, MalduinoKali Linux through Maldunio IDE
6Alpha Networks wireless adapter (model AWUS036H)Kali Linux with Aircrack Suite
14USBNTJTAG, JTAG-USB Cable, USB come TTL Serial Cable, Any easily accessible router v serial portsKali Linux
2 - 4, 7-13Kali Linux
We also provide a PDF document that has shade images of the screenshots/diagrams offered in this book. Click right here to download it.

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Get to recognize the Author

Vijay Kumar Veluis a passionate information security practitioner, author, speaker, investor, and blogger. He has more than 12 years of IT industry experience, is a license is granted penetration tester, and also is specialized in offering technical options to a range of cyber problems, varying from an easy security configuration reviews come cyber threat intelligence. Vijay holds multiple defense qualifications, including CEH, ECSA, and also CHFI. He has authored a pair of books on penetration testing: Mastering Kali Linux for advanced Penetration trial and error - 2nd Edition, and Mobile application Penetration Testing. For the community, Vijay serves together chair member in NCDRC, India. Out of work, that enjoys play music and doing charity work.

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