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Massdrop has actually been able to offer in-ear monitors (IEMs) at either a reasonable price, exclusivity via various companies’ partnerships, or a combination of the two. IEMs that easily pertained to mind are the partnership of CustomArt Massdrop’s exclusive of the Ei.XX CIEM, and lower than MSRP offerings of the Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors and also Campfire Audio Nova Exclusive Launch. A refresh of the original RE-0 has come, and also it is in the develop of the Massdrop x HIFIMAN RE00. The headphone variation of the collaboration is the Massdrop x HIFIMAN HE350. Here’s the testimonial of the very comprehensive sounding headphone. When I had actually a chance to listen to the new participation via HIFIMAN earphone, I jumped at the opportunity and also feel honored to be taken into consideration. Thanks to Christian, aka 
CEE TEE, for the Massdrop x HIFIMAN RE00 in exreadjust of my honest opinion. Also, congratulations to his brand-new task through Massdrop as Audiophile Custom Products Manager! Much success to Christian and also thanks to 
WillBright also, bringing those who purchase Massdrop"s audiophile assets alengthy the journey via you both, one perboy at a time. 

According to Massdrop: Your Favorite Entry-Level IEM, Revived
Back in 2007, HiFiMAN released a line of earphones so impressive, it rocketed the still-new agency to the ranks of some of the a lot of respected names in the audiophile civilization. These dehowever assets rivaled those from more establiburned carriers with 25 years of advancement behind them, and acquired the neighborhood seriously excited around what HiFiMAN had actually in keep. Next off, of course, came the RE-0. This now-famous in-ear monitor was released in 2008, and also in the years that adhered to experienced multiple iterations within the RE series. The classical, though, was eventually discontinued, despite being a favorite of many kind of. Well, audiophiles, we heard your cry… We’re proud to announce the Massdrop x HiFiMAN RE-00 IEMs, a reboot with every little thing you loved about the original, plus a couple of awesome updates. You’ll acquire the RE-0’s comfortable fit and also standard-setting sound clarity (equivalent to competitors that price twice as much), together with a revised cable for better durcapacity and enhanced microphonics. Best of all, we’re able to market the RE-00 at an also more easily accessible price allude. How accessible? We’re talking $34.99 shipped to your door in the United States. Made in collaboration via our friends at HiFiMAN and based upon feedearlier and researches from the neighborhood, this will certainly become the entry-level audiophile in-ear monitor recommendation. Note: If you"re an worldwide customer looking to companion via a shipping forwarder, please review this FAQ. At checkout, worldwide orders will be charged $5 for the third-party freight-forwarding service. You will need to input your shipping address as per a normal drop. Domestic and international orders will be shipped by Massdrop. Estimated ship day is Aug 3, 2016. For those that are interested, here’s some impressions of Christian of his RE-0 and also the current RE00: …It has actually been years given that I had the RE0...however the RE-00 execute have an excellent deal even more bass amount and impact based on memory. My IEM Path: The original RE0 was good in the mids and also treble yet I wanted more bass.I tried the super-bassy Sennheiser IE8 after the RE0. Too a lot bass for me.Then I uncovered the UERM which has actually been my referral.Lately, I have been trying bassier IEMs to complement the UERM for fun (FitEar TG!334 & Oriolus 2). My UERM are out on loan however RE-00 seem to have even more bass, well done for my taste. Even after added bass, RE-00 mids-through-upper mids are still rather current along with extfinished treble.  The top mids/treble contribute to a leading edge of attack on tools and an "open up sound". Tright here is plenty of bass and mids that are neither "distant" nor "too forward", yet slightly heat. Negatives? They were a tiny rougher/grainy right out of package yet they have actually acquired smooth through some use. I thought it can be amplification that was essential however currently going earlier and forth through amped/unamped out of my iPhone 6 and 4S, I think they might have just necessary some run-in… The complete article is below. The over was posted bereason I personally haven’t listened to the original RE-0, and wanted to administer at leastern one point of recommendation of distinctions in between the original and the updated version. Will the RE00 be renowned as the entry-level audiophile in-ear monitor recommendation? Come together with me to uncover out… Audio equipment used in the review Earphone Massdrop x HIFIMAN RE00: $34.99 Shipped in the US ($5 additional for global orders) Earphones stated and compared 1MORE 1M301 Single Driver: $29.99 1MORE E0323 Dual Driver: $69.99 Puro Sound Labs IEM100: $29.99 Puro Sound Labs IEM500 (discontinued) RHA S500i: $49.95 Sources iPhone 6 (Gap Gray, 128GB): $849.99 or $399.99 via a 2-Year Contract Microsoft Surconfront Book: Starting at $1,499 Questyle Audio QP1R Golden: $899 USD Software Applications Used Spotify Premium – Extreme Setting TIDAL HiFi – Lossless
Thanks for the interest! I have actually been a music aficionado given that initially listening to greats such as Anita Baker and Michael Jackkid in their glory years. An avid wrestler, coach, teacher and also mentor, I like to immerse music lovers in headphones, earphones and also sources that perform nothing however make the listeners smile. Ringing in my ears? Oh, tinnitus? I acquire that about 2 times a year, for about 10 seconds each time. Other than that, I’m currently excellent to go through regards to my hearing. Even if my hearing is perfect or not so perfect, what I hear may or might not enhance what you hear, for a multitude of factors (genetic, physical, psychological, age, etcetera). My music choices are anything that has actually a good beat to it, not as well vulgar in nature and anypoint that have the right to induce head-bobbing, toe-tapping and also possibly even dancing if the mood is ideal. I normally listen to (alphabetically): Alterindigenous, Classical, Hip-Hop, Indie, Popular/Top Hits, Rock, and also R&B/Soul. I will certainly also from time to time listen to Blues, Jazz, Modern Electronic, Retro/Classics, and also World. Measurements - I meacertain headphone output dB through my decibel measurer app that anyone can download, replicate and also have actually an immediate reference with what I use to test. Frequency spectrum dimensions are hardly ever posted, as the manufacturer’s dimensions are generally the ideal guidelines to go by. Why? They use them to tune their equipment, and also it’s from their very own specific parameters. I completely agree via Ken Ball from ALO’s statement/article once it involves frequency response dimensions (verbatim): “…I believed it can be great to post some frequency response measurements initially before we see the majority of variations posted by world. Without going right into a lengthy drawn out thesis / conflict on measurements I simply want to say that I have not checked out any reviewers dimensions that are specific and it can be challenging to translate a freq measurement. I do not use HRTF compensation curve on my dimensions bereason I am familiar via the raw freq curve so as soon as I view a curve I understand what it sounds favor and also am comfortable through what I am seeing. So to state my measurement so I deserve to be happy that this is the official freq I am posting it here currently. I execute not really desire to acquire right into any discussions on what the freq implies or check out into it too much as a freq measurement is just an extremely tiny part of the over all photo of the product. I would MUCH fairly listen to the IEM than review a freq. In enhancement, I dont want to sound like I dont welcome people to likewise have fun and also measure, however just want to say that taking a specific measurement is tricky, additionally tricky to review into the measurement. I spent over $15,000 on on measurement device and also it took me practically a year with expert help to calibrate and also set it up 100%. So in doing so it is expensive and can be difficult to put up and calibprice. I know my erected is exact because I send my IEMs to independent labs to double check everything.” Measurements are valid to maybe gain a glimpse or gist of what we are hearing, however dimensions are not the finish all be all. Various manufacturers have actually told me privately that even though it might meacertain level, it might not sound flat. Also, measurement devices do not equal our brain and cannot meacertain through absolute 100 percent certainty with regards to what we hear and feel. I listen via my ears, and write based upon my interpretations of the music that is being presented to me. A wise man as soon as told me: "Music is the just thing that doesn"t have war, pestilence, garbage, crap - music is so general, it"s such a beautiful canopy of tranquility."
Inside the Massdrop x HIFIMAN RE00 box
I got the RE00 that was inside a clear plastic bag, wrapped with cellophane and also packing paper that was all in a Massdrop-labeled box. I did not receive the white silicone tips or delivering situation, as customers that purchase during the drop will receive both. Also, packing may vary for customers compared to my suffer. Attached to the RE00 are medium-sized silicone tips that attribute an anti-collapsible bore guideline guard/retainer inside of the tips. Fit and also function

The earphones are very comfortable, also without using 3rd party tips such as SpinFits. The width of the canal/sound tubes are larger than the Shure and Westone-type of narrow canal/sound tubes, however isn’t the largest width of universal IEMs. The canal/sound tube meacertain just over 5mm. Due to the fact that the RE00’s real estate is fairly tiny, insertion and also attempting to attain a seal shouldn’t be an issue. Fit is incredibly comfortable to my ears. I have the right to forewatch some listeners finding the cable to be slightly microphonic to microphonic, particularly if the cable rubs against the various textures of apparel. Also, bereason the RE00 is supposed to be worn directly down rather of behind the earlier, as wearing it that method would minimize the microphonics of the earphone. An easy solution to minimize microphonics is to location the RE00’s cable inside of your shirt and also then connect the plug to your resource. Best results are generally oboffered if you are associated to your smartphone or are stationary connected to your gadget of alternative. As for fit, seal and isolation, I personally find that placing the RE00 deep in my ear canals bring about a loss of sound/bass, but having actually it wright here the silver part of the real estate is resting at the rear of my ear outcomes in optimal all at once sound. Fit can be individually dialed in also even more with different product tips (such as silicone and also foam). Try various lengths, sizes and also brands of tips via various in-ear positions to discover out which sounds the finest to your ears. The details make it worthwhile
I have the right to tell the RE00 was well-believed out via regards to architecture. There are a couple of elements of the architecture that I enjoy seeing in an IEM, and am happy that even more new models that I’m seeing are implementing comparable deindicators – at leastern via regards to the cable. After that I did observe some differences. Some functions that I have observed: Comfortable fitting silicone global tips. The RE00 comes through at leastern 2 silicone tips - the inclusion of the double flange tips gives even more versatility to fit even even more people’s ears via a deeper fit. Use of 3rd party tips are always encouraged in my opinion, to aid dial in the best fit to your ears.

Knurled real estate and also canal tube via notched reminder – the knurled housing renders the RE00 have actually slightly more stcapacity and slightly much less slip inside the ears, specifically once fitted through your favorite tips. The canal tube through notched pointer is good bereason it implies that most all 3rd party tips deserve to slide on the tubes and remain there; shouldn’t be an problem via tips obtaining shed inside of your ear(s) when removing the RE00 from your ears.

The cable, from the earphone real estate to the Y-connect is not a normal-looking cable – it is a glossy babsence shade and slightly thick. From the Y-connect to the headphone plug, the cable is braided/sleeved. The Y-affix is difficult plastic but exceptionally lightweight, and also earphone plug is right-angled and also gold-plated. The strain relief of the plug at all sides is excellent and also have to bring about more shelf life of the cable, specifically about that location of the earphone. The reduced sleeved cable, coupled with the slightly thicker cable for the top cable outcomes in slightly less complicated tangle monitoring compared to thinner-cabled IEMs in the market. The cable does not come through a chin slider at the Y-affix, or a remote (3 button dongle) to navigate tracks, increase/decrease volume, etcetera. The omitting of the chin slider and also remote are something to think about if you must have actually them as functions in your following IEM. As a totality, the RE00 looks and feels best – no fuss, no muss. I choose the rarer styling of the braided/sleeved cabling and strain relief of the RE00’s plug also.  Disclaimer and hearing factors
  The RE00 sound impressions are mostly for anyone wanting a suggest of reference regarding exactly how they more or less pair with the iPhone 6, QP1R and Surchallenge Publication. Other resources may differ slightly or significantly as the RE00 sounds various sufficient through these 3 sources to warrant discussing. The RE00 will have a warmer and also pronounced effect in the in its entirety bass region as soon as pairing through the iPhone 6. The RE00 will certainly have a thorough through slight treble and also bass with extfinished detail when paired with the QP1R. The RE00 will have actually a more well balanced, laid-ago and also herbal sounding method to its presentation once paired with the Surface Publication. For reference, the RE00 is reasonably straightforward to drive, as a smartphone such as the iPhone does not take complete volume for the RE00 to emit levels that can damage hearing pretty conveniently.    We all hear differently, and also our experiences via regards to just how our interpretation of what we hear vary significantly. Some components that pertained to mind (and not limited), are:    Your inner ear and skull’s in its entirety composition:   Hearing loss as we age, likewise recognized as presbycusis:,   Heredity, noise trauma, dietary behavior, smoking, hyperstress and anxiety, atherosclerosis, are other components that influence people’s as a whole hearing ability.     Analyze this and also that The test tracks that I usage in my reviews are located in these albums (album alphabetical order) 1989 (Deluxe Edition) by Taylor Swift (FLAC 44.1kHz/16bit) 21 by Adele (FLAC 44.1kHz/16bit) Bad (2001 Special Edition) by Michael Jackson (FLAC 44.1kHz/16bit) Bangerz by Miley Cyrus (MP3 320kbps/44.1kHz/16bit) Beyoncé by Beyoncé (FLAC 44.1kHz/16bit) good son, m.A.A.d city by Kendrick Lamar (FLAC 44.1kHz/16bit) Heart Blanche by Ceelo Green (MP3 320kbps/44.1kHz/16bit) Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park (FLAC 48.0kHz/24bit) Make Yourself by Incubus (MP3 320kbps/44.1kHz/16bit) No. 5 Collaborations Project (EP) by Ed Sheeran (MP3 320kbps/44.1kHz/16bit) One by One by Foo Fighters (FLAC 88.2kHz/24bit) Random Access Memories by Daft Punk (FLAC 88.2kHz/24bit) Schubert – Berliner Philharmoniker by Nikolaus Harnoncourt (FLAC 48.0kHz/24bit) The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd (FLAC 44.1kHz/16bit) Thriller by Michael Jackson (DSD 2822.4kHz/1bit) X (Wembley Edition) by Ed Sheeran (FLAC 44.1kHz/16bit) Several standalone tracks (track alphabetical order) Dock of the Bay by The Persuations  A Cappella Dreams (WAV 44.1kHz/16bit) M.O.R. by Blur  Blur 21, Blur (2012 Regrasp  Special Edition) (MP3 320kbps 44.1kHz/16bit) Schubert String Quartet No. 14 in D minor D. 810, Death and also the Maiden: III. Scherzo. Allegro molto by Oslo String Quartet – The Schubert Connection (DSD 2822.4kHz/1bit) Serenade (Spanish Dance), Op. 54, No. 2 by Jano Starker and also David Popper – Wilkid Audio Ultimate Reference (APE 44.1kHz/16bit) The Peppery Man by Natalie Merchant – Leave Your Sleep (WAV 44.1kHz/16bit) These Bones by The Fairarea Four – I Couldn"t Hear Nobody Pray (WAV 44.1kHz/16bit) If I am listening to a product that is not able to be listened through the highest resolution tracks that I have actually discussed, I will certainly listen to the TIDAL versions (FLAC).  Let’s explore with regards to how the RE00 sounds.  How does the RE00 sound?
The RE00 has actually even more of a balanced sound compared to many IEMs that I"ve listened to. Well characterized, through a lhelp back screen, yet deliberate via the presentation cues that are emitted. The small real estate is great for my ears, and the tips offered as well as my own SpinFit tips create a fit that is comfortable and also can be worn for hrs at a time. Tright here is well articulated bass, however does not reach all over near basshead area as the bass is smooth yet not delibeprice in nature. Mids are complete and smooth, and treble is well identified - direct in presentation, pleasing to the ear. The RE00 does not sound rolled off also early to my ears, and has a slight even more perceptible treble emphasis than the midbass of the RE00. Soundstage is relatively deep in nature and also spatial capabilities such as layering, and also micro-information are presented to be even more diffusage than smack-dab appropriate in your face. A nice detour from the incredibly forward sounding IEMs at any price. The bass has a polite sound to it. Tright here is a high quality aspect, yet it isn’t the many enveloping via the greatest high quality of reverberation, slam and degeneration. What it does have is a balanced method to the bass, as it doesn’t sound out of location and also is very cohesive via the remainder of the sound signature. Somewhat over neutral (just above slightly over neutral) is what I would certainly explain the bass of the RE00. Lhelp ago, with a slight amount of graininess to it, however it sounds great with genres such as heart and also pop/nation. The midvariety has that diffuse high quality to it, but it’s predictable to my ears, which allows me to focus on the music and also not trying to decipher exactly what is going on with the midselection (or the rest of the presentation for that matter). A nice laid-ago method, favor a few rows amethod from the front of the phase. It has actually a sound and also performance that doesn’t perform much wrong. The better frequencies are thoaround comforting and also linear in exhibition to my ears. No sibilance, no strident nature, no ear-piercing tendencies. However before, this may seem that the RE00 is rolled off early on as a result. Not necessarily. The treble still has meat through some seasoning to go through it, but to my ears the reduced treble has a little more visibility than the uppermost treble. Soundphase depth and also imaging are respectable, as the audio that flows to your ears is slightly diffuse, through slight grain and also slight warmness, which all aids in sound that you must reach out a little farther through your hand to reach, as opposed to a much more in-your-face sound wbelow you can reach your hand out a couple of inches to be totally immersed. Resolution as an entirety is extremely good, especially when you pair it through your favorite resource.
This isn’t an earphone wbelow you are going to hear specific locations of the sound signature exemplary or accentuated, as the balanced nature lends itself to sound pretty darn good in an as a whole manner, so you may want to examine out other earphones if you want an IEM that has basshead-area bass, super liquid-favor mids and also treble that sounds choose it was blessed with unicorn tears (yeah, I don’t understand what that implies either). I let my brvarious other listen to the RE00, and also he plugs it into his Nexus 6P smartphone. He states that the RE00 is "extremely crisp sounding". He also says: “The bass sound is terrific - I did use EQ on my phone though so I do not understand exactly how exact saying that is though. I had the volume up around 3/4 of the means up and also I couldn"t hear anypoint roughly me. These perform a great job of noise cancellation.”  For referral he was using my Small-sized SpinFit tips. I asked him just how a lot he thought they cost and also he sassist that he assumed they were going for $300. I ask: “What if I told you that they were just $34.99 shipped?“  He responds: "I would certainly buy one immediately!" Here"s my RE00 impressions in video form:
Earphone comparisons
Before I begin via the comparisons; I have listened to the majority of audio tools, but I haven"t listened to whatever. If you request a compariboy and also it"s not listed in my profile and also hasn"t been reregarded, then tright here is a opportunity that either I haven"t listened to it in a lengthy while and do not desire to compare by memory, or I don"t have the requested product(s) with me to compare. Consider being proenergetic by sending me a PM (personal message), sfinishing me the headphone(s) and/or sources, IEMs, etcetera, you would like for me to compare, and I"ll include it to the testimonial (or any kind of review that I"ve written). If you don"t have actually the asked for product(s) with you and also I don"t have actually the requested product(s) through me, chances are slim that I will have the ability to satisfy your research because I constantly choose to A/B with audio equipment that"s immediately on-hand also. 1MORE 1M301 Single Driver
The Single Driver is even more forward sounding and also even more deliberate in all facets of the sound. More bass, and also more midselection via treble. What jumped out me the a lot of between the 2 was that the Single Driver sounds favor it has a lot more bass than the RE00. The Single Driver is extremely comprehensive compared to the RE00, yet does not have the fragile in nature sound of the RE00. The Single Driver excels in soundstage compared to the RE00. Both are incredibly different sounds, however what they both are able to attain, they are able to perdevelop it well. 1MORE E0323 Dual Driver
The Dual Driver emits even more bass than the Single Driver, so this has actually also even more bass than the RE00 as a result. More slam, and decay the Dual Driver has actually. More forward sounding in eexceptionally frequency area – midrange and also treble also. Very deliberate in sound compared to the RE00. The RE00 comparatively sounds like a pure recommendation version compared to the exceptionally bassy and forward-sounding Dual Driver. Puro Sound Labs IEM100
Whew. This is even more choose it. The initially 2 comparisons were such sheer polar opposites of the RE00 it wasn’t also funny. Deep breath…okay. The sound of the IEM100 isn’t also far off from the RE00. The IEM100 has a brighter signature than the RE00, with simply a touch even more bass as well. Soundstage capabilities are similar, yet the IEM100 has actually that lower treble boost going on that really provides it sound brighter than the RE00. Puro Sound Labs IEM500 (discontinued)
This is an additional design that isn’t too much off from the RE00. However before, this IEM has actually even more quality bass as it is even more fluid and has even more amount to the presentation. The midarray is even more deliberate than the RE00’s, and also the treble is slightly rolled off compared to the RE00’s treble. Spatial qualities favor both in various ways. The IEM500 via its more forward but highly in-depth and smooth presentation, and the RE00 via its laid-ago, vulnerable and even more reference sounding nature. RHA S500i
The S500i emits method more bass than the RE00. I commonly don’t prefer to usage extremes as soon as I create, however yes, the S500i exhibits a lot even more bass than the RE00. Slam and reverberation to the ear canals are par for the course via the S500i, wbelow the RE00’s bass sounds neutral comparatively mostly because of the sheer quantity of bass of the S500i. The midvariety of the S500i is more forward than the RE00, and also the S500i’s sounds even more thorough than the RE00, but the RE00 has the laid-earlier, balanced sounding features comparatively. The treble for the S500i was strident at first listen but toned dvery own through burn-in, and also as a result, is extfinished in sound compared to the RE00, but not night and day. Soundstage is deep via the S500i, however the RE00 presents it through a more laid-earlier approach; a more allusion and casual kind of sound in impact. Final summary

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Would I recommfinish the RE00 as the entry-level audiophile in-ear monitor? I will certainly definitely say is a very excellent sounding in-ear for the price. The exclusion of a chin slider and also remote are the major attributes that would reason me restraint as recommending the RE00 as the number one entry-level audiophile IEM. Also, the microphonics may or might not be a factor to you. However, if you are trying to find a commendable backas much as your top-of-the-line, with a laid-back, gentle, yet capable-sounding in-ear, then the RE00 is worth a purchase. What’s excellent around the purchase as well is if you don’t prefer it, offer it to your friend or loved one, as among them is specific to love the sound it produces to their ears. With that shelp, for the price of admission, why not offer it a try? Specifications
Massdrop x HiFiMAN Driver: 9 mm dynamicImpedance: 64 ohmSensitivity: 100 dB at 1 mWFrequency response: 15 Hz – 22 kHzCable length: 53 in (135 cm)Weight: 0.6 oz (17 g) Included 2 pairs of silicone eartipsCarrying situation