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Yo-yo homeboy, happen me thatYo, this is the tune I wrote for the girl i love.Her name, mar JaneSaggin mine dickies, smoke choose a hippieSmell so an excellent when she it s okay wet and stickyYou elevator me, girl friend the bombGot a nigga blowin like Cheech and ChongA bong, a blunt, or a file squareIt really don"t issue she"ll take it you thereYou been my gal because the age of 13And it"s funny to me, friend still make me fiendYou put a order on me with the environment-friendly voodooYou love once my boys come and also run us a choo chooMary-Jane deep in the gameThe method I feel words can"t explainYou to be true to me, was standing by mine sideI wake up up and get mine mornings very first highOther hoes wonder why they acquire no loveCause Mary obtained a huge ol bud huhMary-go-round, round and also roundOh let the mary-go-round, happen the sweetIf yous a mrs userThrow her hands in the air through this muthafuckin environment-friendly time userProducer, wanna cool mine future (pass the sweet)Pass the medusa, I never knews herWho ya, that ya think ya areYa fuckin with a dopehouse shootin starSmokin that buddaDrinkin that buddaBooya, another killa from HondurasI thug in a rida chick gets me higherThere"s no needa tryna discover a finer hynaI decya my bitch your fyaPeople stare as we kiss top top the playa.Mary-go-round round and also roundOh let the mary-go-roundPass the sweetNow you deserve to do eye or acquire wet as the rainMe man I acquired jane in my brainOf course ns kick doors because that white whoresBut my mam mary-jane ns never get divorcedCause she be tha only one fit because that a playaThe environment-friendly eyes and also the quite red hairThe hoes sick reason them jealousy bitches wannaBaila coma Juana Maria JuanaYou to be born in Mexico however I took the chanceAnd lugged your ass throughout to the promise landsI love to lay you under so soft in mine swishaAct like a freak and let every my niggaz struggle yaI got your snapshot on every my wallsMama captured us kissin wanna speak to the lawsMy family thinks girlfriend nothin but troubleCan"t see how you assisted me with the struggle(Chorusx2)Mary-go-round round and roundOh permit the mary-go-roundPass the sweet(Till fade.)