Nearly nine months after Mariah Carey’s chaotic new Year’s Eve power in time Square, Ryan Seacrest has talked up about what that thinks taken place on phase that evening. Controversy surrounded Mariah"s performance after she admitted to lip syncing end the initial track version of she 2005 fight “We belong Together” in prior of one audience the thousands in person, and also millions on television. Mariah and her team stated the singer’s earpiece malfunctioned halfway v her performance of her song “Emotions” and she might not hear the music.

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Ryan, who has actually hosted Dick Clark’s new Year’s Rockin’ Eve because 2006, was asked around his thoughts on Mariah"s performance during an interview on Watch What wake up Live on Thursday.

"What was going through my head was and also is—that crew, the team, that employee is the ideal in the business,” Ryan told host Andy Cohen. “They placed on the biggest live music events, and they understand what they"re doing. And also I recognize how great they room at their jobs. So mine reaction was—she was working v the best. I uncover it hard to believe that castle made large mistakes that night."

This reaction comes together a surprise provided Ryan"s early reaction to the performance on a January 5 transfer of On Air with Ryan Seacrest. “I’m just recording up on all this, however there’s been a many reported about the performance in times Square because that Mariah,” he stated on his radio show. “It’s complex ... Imagine every solitary outlet—TV outlet—in the human being is there, for this reason there’s every kinds of technical things going on.”

Immediately complying with the incident, Mariah"s team accused staff members of penis Clark Productions of sabotaging the pop star’s performance deliberately to increase ratings, according to Variety. Dick Clark Productions denied this claims and insisted they only had actually the best intentions for Mariah"s performance.

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"In an extremely rare instances there room of course technological errors that can occur with live television; however, an initial investigation has actually indicated that DCP had actually no authorized in the challenges linked with Ms. Carey’s brand-new Year’s night performance," the production firm told Us Weekly ~ above January 1. "We want to it is in clear the we have the utmost respect because that Ms. Carey as an artist and acknowledge her tremendous accomplishments in the industry."

Ryan wasn’t may be to watch visuals the Mariah"s performance since he to be switching step at the moment to prepare because that the brand-new Year’s night countdown. Still, Ryan safeguarded Dick Clark Productions, insisting that did not think the producers intended for she to look bad.


“I know this team the producers; I’ve recognized these guys for years,” Ryan told Us Weekly. “I knew cock Clark very, very well. This is a team that wants to do whatever they can to accommodate any artist. We room in the company of wanting civilization to look good and, think me, tricky things, difficult things deserve to happen. It wake up on live television,” he said. “It’s just unfortunate that it come to all of this. It’s a night that celebration and also a night that fun.”

While Ryan might not purchase Mariah"s earpiece breakdown explanation, he additionally told Andy Cohen the the occurrence did seem unlucky. “For Mariah, ns was up over there at the stage to present her ~ above the same stage she performs on,” Ryan said. “And it’s live television, and also things occur on live TV, and, friend know, if something walk wrong, it’s unfortunate for anybody."

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