Amar Bharati (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
I have written about quite a couple of people who were special due to the distinctive dedication the they had to miscellaneous causes, but Amar Bharati is important the embodiment of a human-like no other once it pertains to perseverance.

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Many human being actually do not believe that Bharti’s story is true, however it is as true as it can be. This guy for the last 45 years has actually been holding his hand increased without once putting that down. Amar Bharati determined to come to be a Sadhu Indian about four decades ago, this way living a life far from material needs and any unholy activities, in various other words, a monk.

What is interesting is the drastic transformation from the guy he to be to the guy that the became and the factor behind it. To get a much better understanding we require to very first look in ~ his life before a major change take it place.

Life before raising his hand

In the 1970s Bharati was working at an Indian bank, life a usual life through his wife and three children. Sooner or later he had an epiphany, the end of nowhere which do him pick to leaving his family, job, and friends in bespeak to follow his spiritual calling.



Amar Bharati holding his hand whilst smoking from a pipe (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Bharati made decision to dedicate the remainder of his life come Shiva, a god indigenous Hinduism. In ~ first, the still feel the temptation to do things that were not allowed as a monk, that is why he needed to do something an ext drastic to truly consolidate his religious beliefs.



Amar Bharati in 2009 (Source Pinterest)

That is why in 1973 he determined to raise his hand and hold that up for the remainder of his life in stimulate to display his faith and appreciation towards Shiva. Amar Bharati soon ended up being quite popular about the world and thousands were inspired by this gesture. Once asked why that is stop his hand increase he constantly responded that this gesture is to militate against wars and support human being peace and being a way to show his respect towards Shiva.

At first, the pain in his hand to be terrible, however the pain never ever outweighed his dedication. ~ the very first two years, he started losing any kind of sort of feeling in his hand and with that additionally the pain started to go away. To imagine the large effort that Bharati has actually been making because that the previous 45 years, shot to organize your hand up for a few minutes and also you would feel the ache most more than likely after 2 or 3 minutes.

Holding his hand because that peace

In a rarely interview take away by Indian media outlets in ~ a awareness Bharati said:

“I nothing ask for much. Why perform we fight in between us, why is over there so much hate and enmity between us? I want all indians to live in peace. I want the whole civilization to live in peace. “ (Quote by Amar Bharati)

The catalyst caused through this gesture encouraged thousands that people roughly the civilization to fight, in their very own way, for world peace. Even an ext interesting, this gesture motivated other ind to come to be Sadhu (Hindu monks) and also to host their hand high for long periods of time, but no one regulated to to win Bharati’s record.

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This man is still holding his hand high and also he is not planning to put it down any time soon. Also if he to be to put his hand down, his muscles room severely atrophied, and most most likely lowering his hand would reason permanent nerve damage in the arm, as such he is much better off alone keeping his hand up because that the remainder of his life, not only because of health factors but also for spirituality reasons.