Bay Area steel titans MACHINE HEAD have this particular day released a brand-new single, My Hands space Empty. The tune marks the first musical collaboration in 24 years in between MH mastermind Robb Flynn and original MH Burn my Eyes-era guitarist Logan Mader.

The monitor lands at DSPs this particular day via Nuclear Blast. Currently or purchase the track HERE.

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My Hands are Empty is as soon as again produced by Zack Ohren and Robb Flynn, and masterfully combined by Colin Richardson, through the accompanying video directed by Mike Sloat / Roaring mouse Productions.

The shoot showed a challenge in the Covid19-era, with northern California health officials shutting under the shooting 24 hrs prior, but ever the improvisers, the tape were able rescue the totality affair. The stunning results have the right to be viewed below.

From the haunting opened vocal, the timeless drums, the melancholy guitar line, the listener to know they are in for something epic. The sky gets a tiny darker, the goosebumps begin to prickle the skin, ear search to hear what comes next.

By the moment the verse kicks in, the heaviness overtakes“MISERY, sheathe me in waves, the heartache is slowly, withering, I end up being her slave…” and so begins a song of depression and also opioid addiction.

Guitarist/vocalist Robb Flynn , “I have actually some household members who have actually beaten their opioid addiction, and have some still in the throes of addiction. It is painful to watch, and I deal with it with great difficulty.

It is a tune of sadness, but there is hope together well. I have actually beaten my own drug addictions and also we deserve to fight through this, together, and share our pain through the world.

He continues, “Musically I want to go for a little of a “Through The Ashes that Empires” vibe, and it had actually a grandiose vibe indigenous the beginning, something about that vocal melody haunted me day and also night.

I sent out it turn off to one of our partners Joel Wanasek, and also he came ago with a whole depth and also dimension with strings and also keys the really made the track come alive.

I included the etc harmony in the chorus soon after and also I knew we were on to something special.


On the current “Burn My eyes 25th Anniversary Tour” I discussed to Logan about needing a riff or 2 for a new song, he was excited come collaborate, I sent out him the song and the next day he sent me earlier the hefty riff in the bridge and also I to be floored.

It fit perfectly, and also felt really cool to it is in writing with each other 24 years later. Jared came up v the valuation under the lead section and the tune really locked into place.

Guitarist Logan Mader adds, “During pre-pro because that the BME anniversary tourism last year, I had actually a special possibility to collaborate with maker Head because that the very first time in over 20 years. 

This is a huge milestone for me, to circle back on a substantial orbit roughly life and end increase doing brand-new music through MH is epic and unexpected. The song, ‘My Hands are Empty’ was virtually complete, but needed a riff or two. Robb sent it come me, so i jumped in and added a section which finished up in the master after some arrangement tweaks by Robb.

The tune is amazing. It to be a great feeling to it is in in the studio through Robb after every these years and I expect to perform it again.

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The earth-pounding drums are by Navene operweis (Entheos, Whitechapel, animals As Leaders) that played ~ above the track ‘Circle The Drain’ (released in February) and also the song functions traded vocals in the chorus between lead singer Flynn and bassist Jared MacEachern for a important dynamic music piece.