Bad Boy\Having a Party is a medley (the latter being a cover variation of Sam Cooke’s 1962 song).The song peaked in ~ #55 on the Billboard warm 100 and also #3 top top Billboard’s R&B… read More 

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Oh yeah, well alrightOh yeah, well alrightOh yeah, fine alrightOh yeah, well alrightRoll ago the rug, everybodyMove all the tables and also chairsWe're gonna have us a great time tonightEvery time that we meetWe skip and we dip to the beatYeah, yeahWhat in the civilization could be betterThan acquiring togetherThe critical time we had a partyIt ended when the sun came upThat's why her mama told youThat girlfriend couldn't go outStay in the houseBad boyHe's gonna sneak out tonightHe's gonna reminder by she windowCause he sure wants to acquire out and dance
Everyone's hereLet 'em every inThe chandelier downstairs has fallenI recognize it's tough to resistThis is the party no one want to missBut if girlfriend don't gain home on the double, boyYou're walking to be in troubleI hope her mama don't look in your room'Cause if she doesShe'll be right here soonBoy, she's gonna it is in madYou're a bad boyAnd you've acquired it bad, boyBoy, say goodbye to her friends'Cause it's gonna be a whileTil you see them againEverybody's swingingDancing come the music ~ above the radioHaving a party
Bad Boy\Having a Party is a medley (the last being a cover variation of Sam Cooke’s 1962 song).

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The track peaked in ~ #55 ~ above the Billboard hot 100 and #3 top top Billboard’s R&B Singles graph in 1982.

It is many memorable because that being featured in the opened credits the the 1990 son ‘n Play movie House Party.

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