Miami"s undisputed laboratory queen Trina rocketed to fame in 1998 v her iconic function on the smash monitor "Nann," which to be the an initial of plenty of collaborations v Trick Daddy. Trina"s audacious, sex-positive lyrics and unapologetic "Baddest B****" persona changed the video game and set the tone for whole generation of femcees. Now 21 years after the release of she debut album, the Liberty City indigenous is hitting the gas ~ above her currently unprecedented job with new music, an expansion of her document label, and a nonstop collection of live performances and also events. With the support of a tight-knit one of friends and also family -- consisting of longtime friend Raymond Taylor -- Trina"s on a mission to chart new territory for ladies in i know good hop and remind everybody that she"s the hardest-working artist in the business.

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Straight the end of Liberty City"s "Pork "n" Beans" projects, Maurice "Trick Daddy" Young overcame a childhood surrounded by drugs and also violence to emerge as one of the sexy rappers that the 90s. Twenty years, eight albums, and also countless EPs, mixtapes and also collaborations later, the unofficial mayor of the 305 has branched out as the owner the wildly successful soul-food restaurant Sunday"s Eatery, and also as the cohost (alongside Trina) that Miami"s top-rated "TNT Morning Show." This season find Trick functioning to increase his restaurant brand into realm while to chat audiences with his brash and also opinionated suggest of see on all points love and hip hop.

Miami born and also raised v proud Dominican roots, artist, entrepreneur and AfroLatinx activist Amara La Negra has been named Billboard"s Artist ~ above the Rise and one of rolling Stone"s 10 come Watch. However over the previous year, the music industry"s Next large Thing uncovered a brand-new passion for genuine estate as she bought, flipped and managed a profitable portfolio of vacation rentals in the Dominican Republic. After ~ 25 year of performing, Amara finds herself in ~ a an individual and expert crossroads. Does she continue her stressful and demanding pursuit of A-list stardom or monitor a course to a less complicated life away from the spotlight?

An army brat who thrived up in Hawaii, Atlanta and also Milwaukee, Shay Johnson do a name for herself together a design and video vixen before finding fame as a reality television mainstay, sharing she life with numerous viewers end the years. ~ a series of fail relationships and also thrown ice cream cones, a much more mature Shay is concentrated on her health business, in addition to philanthropic efforts in partnership through her brothers Emjay.

Love & hip Hop Miami presented him come the world as Trina"s cousin, yet over the previous three seasons, rapper and also entrepreneur Bobby Lytes has sculpted out his own loud-and-proud identity, serving up attractive singles, outrageous looks and an unapologetic point-of-view. This season follows Bobby top top a deeply personal journey as he battles to cure from the irreversible emotional consequences of his family"s troubled past.

Born in Mexico City and also raised in Miami, the fashionable Jojo Zarur was researching pre-law and also politics in ~ Stanford University once she met Young Thug, who motivated her to launch a career together a celebrity stylist in 2015. In spite of disapproval from she father, a wealthy global businessman who wants her to abandon the hip-hop lifestyle, Jojo continues to grow her customer list to incorporate music industry A-listers choose Offset and T-Pain.
An entrepreneur and also woman-about-town with much more than two decades of endure in entertainment and also the beauty industry, happiness Young is the CEO of brand-new Roots Extensions and the owner the a successful hookah rental company. She"s also Trina"s cousin and also Trick Daddy"s (almost) ex-wife. This season finds joy helping The Diamond Princess navigate a tumultuous brand-new era of she career and also moving forward with the following chapter of she love life -- whether Trick likes that or not.
As the star attraction in ~ Miami"s King of Diamonds strip club, Miami tip stunned audiences through her gravity-defying routines. She has due to the fact that diversified she hustles and also business interests, dabbling in music, opened a hookah lounge and starting a monitoring company. Whether giving her customer Sukihana a reality inspect or happen PreMadonna ago down come earth, Miami pointer is regularly the voice that reason. This season adheres to Tip together she offers all her skills to aid Sukihana relocate through one ever-changing sector landscape.
Pretty Ricky is an American R&B/hip-hop group from Miami, Florida. Pretty Ricky originally had two brothers: Diamond ""Baby Blue"" Smith and also ""Spectacular"" Blue Smith, in addition to cousin Corey ""Slick Em"" Mathis and also family-friend Marcus ""Pleasure P"" Cooper. Having actually success with albums such as ""Late Night Special"" and also ""Bluestar,"" the tape is hope to recapture that exact same magic as soon as they reunite because that a final time.
Richard Morales, a.k.a. Gunplay, transitioned indigenous the roadways of Miami come the music industry, and he"s remained in the video game long enough for his dreams to end up being a reality. Living in Miami isn"t constantly easy for Gunplay as result of his past lifestyle. He admits his long-term battle with drugs and alcohol has actually negatively influenced his career, family and relationships. However by consistently working on keeping his sobriety and also leveling up in the game, Gunplay"s ready to face all of life"s tests, from love to hip hop.
Not one to shy away from controversy, Veronica Vega owns that she is and isn"t afraid to tell it favor it is. Proud of she Latin roots, this singer, writer, dancer and also all-around performer has actually her eyes on the prize and isn"t letting up. She crass and unfiltered method to music and life keeps anyone on your toes and wondering what she"ll execute next, especially standing adversaries Amara La Negra and Jojo Zarur.
Jessie Woo has actually won over the mind of Instagram audiences an international with she wit, humor and also dynamic personality as the "Haitian Princess." having graced numerous TV outlets, hosting red carpets and also playing correspondent, and also hitting the comedy circuit with her stand-up routines, Jessie returns to she hometown of Miami to chase her initial dream: music. Her go back to Miami isn"t as joyous together she"d hope for, together she faces the ghosts of she pasts and also jealous rivals of the present.
Keyara rock may be from Chicago, however she has definitely come into her own in Miami. ~ taking manage of her chaotic partnership with Gunplay, Keyara is currently ready to spread out her wings v her accessory firm Vain and also explore her independence. Together a survivor that a drive-by shooting in Chicago, she war PTSD daily. Her realization the the fragility that life has actually pushed she to focus on the importance of joy in the now.
Since she rollercoaster the a partnership with Prince concerned a halt, Liz has been maintaining busy hosting at the sexy clubs in southern Beach and also living her best Miami life. Though she"d never ever say never ever to getting back together with her Prince Charming, they have actually their same share that obstacles come overcome. As soon as it pertains to friends and family getting affiliated in a relationship, anything can happen.
Heralded as a Queen of Nightlife in Miami, DJ Michelle Pooch has been a fixture ~ above the south Beach scene because that years, first as a promoter and host, then as a DJ, and also now together a service owner through the launch of her sexy, modern nail salon: gain Nailed Bar. Pooch is constantly one to do a statement with a fierce watch or fiery indigenous at all the hottest next in Miami. Michelle isn"t interested in gift the Queen that Nightlife in Miami; she desires to it is in the queen, period.

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Elijah Alexander Sarraga, well-known artistically together Young Hollywood, is a world-renowned producer and also engineer from Miami. Young Hollywood has effectively worked with numerous international artists since of his versatile musical productions. Many recently, Young Hollywood"s best movement is revolutionizing trap music and merging it v the Latin market. Having actually grown professionally and personally over the years, Young Hollywood is identified to revolve over a brand-new leaf and stay far from the drama.