Los Chamacos exit an main statement on Sunday around the breakup with previous frontman Jaime DeAnda.

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Los Chamacos | Photo: Joslin Rec Facebook

Los Chamacos released an official statement on Sunday around the breakup with former frontman Jaime DeAnda. The group parted methods in December.

The 4 remaining members the the tape have chose to “continue as Los Chamacos without Jaime,” follow to the statement.

“Several attempts were made to pertained to an commitment to save the band together, however nothing was resolved,” says the statement. “Jaime made decision to pursue a ‘solo’ job without Los Chamacos. V that gift said, it is time for us as a band to continue our passion and also commitment come making music for you, the fans.”

Los Chamacos, i m sorry include current members Roel Joslin, Edward “Chato” Ordonez, Ruben Mendoza, and also Gilbert Fierros Jr, have actually been fulfilling performance contracts due to the fact that the breakup through guest vocalists and accordionists.

“We would like to say thanks to Albert Canales (Un Nuevo Oro) and also David Gonzalez (El Trono) because that filling in while this matter was gift resolved,” according to the statement.

The statement also worked out the confusion on the use of Los Chamacos name and also music.

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“In December 2015, Roel acquired ‘Jaime Y Los Chamacos’ indigenous Jaime,” follow to the statement. “Since then, Roel (JYLC) legally hold all rights that are associated with this entity.”

Jaime Y Los Chamacos have actually been entertain fans through their high-energy, signature sound since 1982 and also released plenty of successful albums and classic hits consisting of “Yolanda,” “Mi Musica Favorita,” and also many more. The band has received multiple Grammy and Latin Grammy nominations and also was inducted into the Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hall of call in 2011.

“We would like to say thanks to Jaime for every the years we shared the phase together,” claimed the statement. “The memory will never be forgotten.”

Full statement below:


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