Maryland native, Logic, autumn his latest tape pushing his Young Sinatra movement. This ice cream doesn"t disappoint, it"s simply Logic walk in ~ above every track, with one feature from Castro, and also a lot of dope production.

Stream Young Sinatra: Undeniable, a brand-new offering from Logic, which to be released top top Tuesday, might 1st, 2012. Things are looking better for Logic v each new release, i beg your pardon Young Sinatra: Undeniable has actually proven yet again. It"s worthy enhancement to the exceptional body of occupational Logic has been occurring over the years. We"re looking forward to hearing what"s next.

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Hit up our mixtape ar to stream and/or download through Logic’s new Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever project, reduce on Tuesday, may 7th, 2013. It features such tracks together Inception, collection The Tone, Dead Presidents III.

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Tracklist01. Inception02. Set The Tone03. Dead Presidents III04. Offered To dislike It05. No Biggie06. Venomous (C period Castro)07. Relaxation08. Tic Tac Toe09. ThirstMail (Skit)10. The Spotlight11. Life that A Don12. We get High13. Numbers14. 500 job Of Summer15. What girlfriend Want16. Perform Ya Like17. Aye Girl18. Young Sinatra III19. All Sinatra Everything20. Too ~ God21. I Made It22. Civilization Wide


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