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BEHIND THE SONG: eagle Nelson shares The heart Behind Their brand-new Single "Live prefer You’re Loved"

This week’s featured song story comes to us from eagle Nelson. We’re excited to share the exceptional story with you behind your latest solitary “Live choose You’re Loved.” command singer Jon Steingard states “God’s love for united state is not based upon how an excellent we are, it’s based on how great he is and what the has already done because that us. This tune is an encouragement to wake up up everyday and take a organize of the truth of what Jesus way in your life. And live favor you recognize that you’re loved, because you are.”

Click on the video interview listed below to hear eagle Nelson re-superstructure the complete story and meaning behind this track, and also scroll under to listen and read the full lyrics of the song.

From the album Diamonds.

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“Live choose You’re Loved” Lyrics

You’re no the only one that feels like this / Feeling choose you lose more than you winLike life is just an endless hill you climb / You shot and try but never ever arrive

I’m informing / you something / This racin’ / This runningOhhhh You’re workin’ means too hardAnd this perfection you’re chasin’ / Is just energy wasted‘Cuz that loves you favor ya are

So go ahead and live favor you’re loved / It’s ok come act favor you’ve been set freeHis love has made you more than sufficient / So go ahead and be who he do you come beAnd live prefer you’re loved

Live prefer you understand you’re valuable / favor you know the one that holds her soulCuz mercy has called you by your name / Don’t be afraid to live in the grace

Oh I’m telling you somethin’ / This God we believe in / yes He changed everythingNo much more guilt / No an ext shameHe took all that away / provided us a factor to sing

So go ahead and live like you’re loved / It’s ok to act choose you’ve been set freeHis love has made you more than enough / So walk ahead and also be who he make you come beAnd live like you’re loved

Live prefer you’re love / Walk favor you’re freeStand like you know / that you’re made come beLive favor you’re love / favor you believeHis love is every / the you’ll ever before need