You"re not from Janja"s clan. You"re the hyena that helped Kion when he was trapped in the Outlands!

Well, we helped each other out.

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Jasiri? What are you doing in the Pride Lands?

Looking for you. I have a problem back home.

And I need your help.

Is it Janja and his hyenas?

No. Actually, it"s lions.

Lions? In the Outlands?

That"s right.

They"ve taken over my family"s watering hole.

And they won"t share it.

But there shouldn"t be any lions in the Outlands.

You sure they"re lions, Jasiri?

I know what lions look like, Bunga.

Okay. Well, I"d be happy to talk to them, Jasiri.

Maybe they"re lost or something.

Asante, Kion. Thank you.

Bunga, go back to the Lair.

Let the rest of the Guard know I"m going to the Outlands with Jasiri.

Okay. We"ll meet up with you there.

No need. I should be right back.

These are lions after all.

It"s probably just a misunderstanding.

Oh, I sure hope so.

Lead the way, Jasiri.

See ya! Oh, and by the way...

I win! Ha-ha!

You know Kion, I was kinda worried you might not help me.

Why wouldn"t I?

We"ve helped each other before.

That was different.

Last time the bad guys were hyenas.

This time they"re lions.

They probably don"t realize there are good hyenas in the Outlands.

I had that problem at first, too.

That"s true.

It did take a while for us to trust each other.

Jasiri, you"re back!

Whoa! You weren"t kidding.

You really are friends with a lion!

Kion, this is my sister, Madoa.

Nice to meet you, Madoa.

Uh, yeah. You too.

Hey there, little guys!

Don"t be afraid of me.

You can"t blame "em. All they know are bad lions.

Like the ones who stole our watering hole.

Well, that"s why I"m here.

I don"t know why those lions are in the Outlands.

But I"m sure I can clear things up.

I hope so. Those little ones need the water.

We all do.

Then there"s no time to lose.

Let"s go, Jasiri!

...and with all the flooding, we now have...

Hey, guys. Guys!

You"re back just in time.

Ono and Fuli are about to race!

What? Again?

Affirmative. But this time, I"m going to win.

You say that every time.




Oh, right. I"ll be the ref!

On your marks...

Get set...


And they"re off!

It"s Fuli in the lead!

I"m right on your tail, Fuli!

That"s what you think.


Oh, no.

And the winner is...


Nice race.

Yeah, do it again.

You almost had her that time.

It was close, wasn"t it? Hmm.

Maybe if I flatten my head feathers to reduce the drag, and stay closer to Fuli"s tail to take advantage of her slipstream...

Drag? Slipstream?

Wha"cha talking about, Ono?

I"m talking about winning!

Lions are pretty reasonable.

Once we get to the watering hole, I"m sure we can work things...

We told you to stay outta here, hyena!

Hey! Back off!

Huh! Who are you?

Name"s Kion.

Who are you?


Hey, Nuka!

Kovu! Tell him to let me up!

A friend of yours?

He"s my brother.

That"s right! So you better let me up!

It"s two against one now!

It"s two against two.

It should be three against one!

What kind of lion are you? Siding with a hyena!

Kion: What are you two lions doing in the Outlands?

Why aren"t you in the Pride Lands?

Like our family"s welcome there!

Why wouldn"t you be?

I"m sure my dad would welcome you there.

And who"s your dad?

You know, the king of the Pride Lands.


Both: Simba?

You really think he"d allow us into the Pride Lands?

I don"t see why not.

Especially if you give Jasiri"s family their watering hole back.

Back to the Pride Lands.

That means I could see Kiara again!

You know Kiara?

Yeah! Uh, it was a while ago.

We gotta take him to see Mom.

Oh, yeah!

She"s gonna want to meet the son of Simba.

The name"s Kion.

Okay. Kion.

Hyena. Let"s go.

C"mon, Jasiri. You"ll see.

This whole watering hole thing"s gotta be a misunderstanding.

Mother! We have a visitor!

It"s Simba"s son. Kion.

Simba"s son?

Well, what an honor.

He pounced on me!

I"m sure you pounced first.

Well, yeah.

Welcome, Kion. I"m Zira.

And this my daughter, Vitani.

A lion and a hyena? Hmm.

Not just any lion, dear. Simba"s son.

So tell me, Kion. What brings you to the Outlands?

I did! We"re friends.

Friends with royalty?

Gracious! I underestimated you, my dear.

Kion"s not just royalty!

He"s leader of the Lion Guard!

Leader of the Lion Guard?

But the Guard isn"t here.

No. But I am.

Now, what are you doing in the Outlands?

And why have you taken over Jasiri"s watering hole?

So many questions, Kion.

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What I don"t understand is why you don"t just use the Roar to give your friend the water she needs.