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Is the Town auto air suspension problematic?
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I"m looking at two various cars tomorrow, my choices are...A) 2003 Lincoln Town auto Signiture, one owner (deceased, left to daughter), 104k miles, garage kept since new. Only trouble is because that some factor the radio doesnt work, transforms on yet no reception. Questioning price $3200OrB) 2003 Mercury Marquis GS, excellent problem with 83k miles, questioning price $4k.The just thing that renders me nervous around the Town vehicle is the air suspension. Is this sufficient reason to lean in the direction of the Mercury?
My one son marketed one a few months back that had the waiting suspension changed with one of those coil spring kits. So, yes, they deserve to be problematic. I have seen a couple of driving in traffic looking like among those tail dragging low riders.https://search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?...&hsimp=yhs-003Don
Costs around $2k to change the entire air mechanism if you have actually it done, possibly $500 if you carry out it yourself. If simply replacing the airbags, will be about half the cost. Aftermarket airbags are much better quality, don"t construct leaks, and also should last the remaining life the the car. Not security airbags, yet the rubber bags that have to be filled v air.

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On a 2003 Lincoln, ns wouldn"t sweat the waiting suspension. Unless you just acquire crazy trying to do it an offroad Lincoln, they last a lengthy time. I"d be an ext concerned around the GEM on it. While no an expensive date, it have the right to drive you nutz chasing electrical issues. That may be the reason the radio doesn"t work-related right. One more issue through the Lincolns is the internal power ground. If you examine at the Lincoln court you discover a mode to deal with the ground issues- it"s real simple. Both the those cars have Hydroboost brake systems. Make certain that both car stop, together in one emergency avoid with zero issues. The hydroboost unit can cost as much as the car. Both dare are constructed on the exact same platform. I"d examine that GS together they typically have rear air ride.If the radio is a JBL unit, it"s normal that lock don"t work. Unless you have some fondness towards keeping the auto original, mean to change the head unit through an after sector unit. I"ve own a Lincoln of some kind since 1979 together does my sister. They space a fine automobile but they won"t take much abuse there is no something breaking. Maintenance is vital on either of the dare mentioned. Friend let the air ride air pump start working overtime and also it won"t it is in long and also you"ll be spending 600 to obtain a rebuilt one. Most often, all that"s needed is an air line tightened. If you room a person that takes excellent treatment of a vehicle, the Lincoln is a an excellent choice. If not, neither car is the right car for you.