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forms of payment accepted at the Cashier Window: Cash Money bespeak – payable toWayne ar Clerk Certified check – payable toWayne county Clerk

Mastercard, Visa, American express or Discover
**Personal checks areNOT ACCEPTED

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Payment by call
1-888-604-7888 To make a payment girlfriend will need the following information: Pay ar Code (PLC): 6214 (Juvenile instances only) Payment amount Juvenile"s full Name instance Number Petition Number Payment form
Payment virtual
To do a payment friend will need the complying with information: Pay place Code (PLC): 6214 (Juvenile instances only) Payment lot Juvenile’s full Name instance Number Petition Number Payment form Payment by mail Send CERTIFIED inspect or MONEY stimulate payable to:Wayne county Clerk include your name and address, situation number/Petition number and also the juvenile’s surname on the payment. Lincoln hall of Justice Cashier’s Office 1025 E. Forest building A, Room 238 Detroit, MI 48207