I’m particular that being exposed come at the very least one video game of limbo throughout one’s childhood is a relatively universal experience. The strongness of every round would build up prefer water coming to a boil. I can feel it now: music and playful camaraderie, simply on the cusp of recess violence, youth fluttering in the air. Lower and lower, the need, because that the oddly niche ability, come shrink oneself at the knee would thrive ever much more important. In mine mind, this was most likely the an initial taste I ever got of trial and error the limits I would certainly go come in order to “win.” I use quotation marks due to the fact that I think the principle of to win is quite relative. That was ns limboing against; the other kids, myself, or the bamboo stick?
Today, i wish I can remember the first time. I’m not sure where I also was, or exactly how the video game was introduced. The rule now, it seems to be ~ etched right into my mind. Like every little thing else, I suppose there wasn’t one singular moment, but, in fact, moments over and over whereby knowledge ended up being a component of that I am, or was at least. Also now, this knowledge continues to expand, together there room so plenty of questions on my mind in ~ present, none of which appeared pertinent then. Am ns a far better person today since I to win some youngsters at ducking under a pole? was my self-concept that easily manipulated? space our childhood gamings representative of the lives we are destined come lead?
I mean, it’s funny just how the games we played as youngsters mirror the stays we understand today. A game of telephone bring away on an additional level of absurdity when human being actually think misconstrued messages. Tag becomes less fun as soon as it’s over the phone, and you wonder if it’s even worth going “you’re it!” next.

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I shudder come think the all the time I spent wanting to grow older. Entranced and yearning for what seemed so much away, hours were invested fantasizing about being older, much more sophisticated, wishing to be anywhere but on my naptime cot, in a room filled v other little humans, listening come Enya. Little did i know, given the inevitability the time and also aging, the my efforts would have actually probably been much better spent concentrating somewhere else. Ns imagine in a parallel universe kids finally check out the worth in nap time, and adults recognize how silly and also strange ours day-to-day stays really are.

These thoughts themselves come at a time the limbo. Ask anyone what their arrangement is for the next year, month, week, or also day, and also their mental churns and also churns to spit out something suitable. All you obtain is a blank stare and uncomfortable shuffling because the price is: no one knows.
When go limbo end up being something an ext than a game, and why is it the its manifestation in real life is for this reason eerily similar, however far much more devastating? In the very same way, we struggled come squeeze ourself under a bar we had actually no manage over, our human being today appears to be testing our versatility to lower and lower depths. How did the tiny simplicity of our younger selves prosper larger than each the us? as soon as did we authorize up because that feelings and also thoughts larger than lives that we as soon as knew?
With all these questions, my curiosity certainly took a dark turn upon establish the an interpretation and historic context attached come limbo are quite morbid. I must say, the limbo we recognize today is definitely tamer than Britannica’s definition:
“the border place in between heaven and hell wherein dwell those souls who, though not condemned come punishment, room deprived the the pleasure of eternal visibility with God in heaven.”
In other instances, that even defined as a location designated because that dead babies. On ships delivering enslaved peoples, limbo to be allegedly current as well. In a run of death and also survival, the limbo pole hosted slaves in chains as their backs touched the ground. On a lighter note, limbo in Trinidad symbolized a solemn event of life throughout someone’s funeral.
Limbo, a word with synonyms such as uncertain, suspended, and also undetermined clearly holds plenty of different interpretations, and it’s so strange how language enables for all of them. Our present limbo, a collective feeling the stillness and confusion, together we wait for something more, will certainly most definitely be included to the list. Meanwhile, I type here and add my own interpretation; fresh and waiting for more and much more iterations.

With every these variations, ns can’t aid but wonder what truths have actually been lost along the way. I m sorry of our own truths today carry out we think will suffer the very same fate? perhaps someone knows the answer to every my questions while I deserve to actually exploit them. I must do so prior to I thrive too big for this mind and body, as I have ongoing to perform for as long as I have actually known life.
Regardless that the usage case, to it is in afflicted through a limbo state is to it is in stuck; over there is no forward and also no backward. In the warm of the moment, the video game of limbo can be the just thing that matters in the world. Likewise, being stuck is all I have actually thought around for a year. Love that or hate it, limbo gives us a frame of reference; understanding of the way life ebbs, flows, and, yes, continues to be absolutely still.
Limbo’s intensity, the heart of competition, nearly seems to disappear as soon as the music and also bamboo pole are placed away. Life go on. Today, ns wonder if the exact same sentiments will ring true for all of us.
With the solemn enjoy of my brief limbo knowledge, I recognize that it is as lot a video game of adaptability as that is a mentality. We can select when come regroup, and shot again following game. Beautifully, in this analogy limbo is a video game we deserve to strive come win, not purgatory.

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We get so provided to sucking it in to fit under that damn pole, that possibly the biggest humility we can give ourselves is knowing when the time to breathe. Carry out you also remember why you started playing in the first place? us won’t victory every game, and also we don’t have actually to, so long as we continue to be present.

Miguel is a senior at American University examining Business administration with a concentration in Sustainable change & Analytics. When not writing, the enjoys traveling and reading. Feel free to monitor him


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