Please clock this video before you read this blog post. It seriously provides me chills and makes me jump up and down and also cry happy tears.

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I never truly taken the beautiful analogy the the church gift Christ"s bride till I acquired engaged.
As ns am prepare my love to be married to my earthly groom, Matthew, ns am complete of anticipation. Simply simply living with him and sharing this gift that life with each other is going come seriously be the best thing ever. I have actually been working out to current myself come him in my finest shape possible. I have been learning how to cook and collecting recipes to be the ideal wife I deserve to be. I have actually made hair appointments, purchase a dress, and also have to be preparing my heart to submit to Matthews management as the husband.
These text really gained me thinking... If i am preparing myself physically, mentally, and spiritually for my earthly husband, just how much an ext should i be prepare myself because that my heavenly Husband that is coming to acquire His bride?!
As i think about this beautiful scenario i can"t help but imagine it in the means I see my wedding going in my tiny church. Other than Jesus is the groom..... Ns was just a girl in tattered rags, dirty indigenous head come toe, clinging onto mine pride and my sin. And He saw me and picked me up, and loved me regardless of of my spitting in His face. Climate He went through torture and also died top top a overcome so that He might present me blameless before His Father. He eliminated my dirty rags, wash me clean, and also gave me this beautiful white wedding dress. And now that is standing in ~ the prior of the church...and I"m wait behind the closeup of the door church doors..watching because that them to open up so I deserve to walk that aisle and be with Him because that eternity. And also I dare no leave mine spot. Not for any kind of temporary satisfaction. Not for any kind of person. No for anything. I am waiting on my groom.

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"Then the kingdom of heaven will be similar to ten virgins, that took your lamps and went the end to meet the bridegroom. 5 of them to be foolish, and five to be prudent. For when the foolish took your lamps, they took no oil through them, but the prudent take it oil in flasks together with their lamps. Currently while the bridegroom to be delaying, they all got drowsy and also began to sleep. However at midnight there to be a shout, "Behold, the bridegroom! Come out to meet him." Then all those virgins rose and also trimmed their lamps. The foolish said to the prudent, "Give us some of your oil, because that our lamps space going out." however the way answered, "No, there will not be sufficient for us and also you too; go rather to the dealers and also buy some for yourselves." and while they to be going away to do the purchase, the bridegroom came, and also those that were prepared went in v him to the wedding feast; and the door was shut. -- -----Matthew 25:1-10
I am wait for mine earthly groom to marry me (70 an ext days!!!) however I long even more for mine heavenly Groom come come and also get me. My deepest desire is to it is in READY. Ns am longing because that my King.