The various other night, I discovered myself city hall Ocean’s Thirteen for, to it is in conservative, the 11teenth time. Ns love heist films. Likewise, I adopted the likes of TV’s (short-lived) Thief and also even (the short-lived) Smith. But TNT’s Leverage, getting here when that did, really took the baton native Danny Ocean, supplying a small-screen variation of the stylized rotate on modern Robin Hoods, burglars with a cause.

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I’d it is in lying if I stated that Leverage never ebbed in quality. In fact, this previous season’s Inception-like second episode i frankly couldn’t finish, it had actually veered so much from the series’ original construct and also slightest whiff of plausibility.

But man, did the show regulate to walk out with a last bang this Tuesday night, delivering one of its best, smartest riffs ~ above the Ocean’s-like “What girlfriend think happened, didn’t — but this did” formula.

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Most “simply” recounted… the caper drama’s really final hour opened with Nate, spring a little bit worse because that wear, being held somewhere and questioned around a bungled job, one that left several of his friends dead. As related by the mastermind, he and also his team set out come breach the well-secured Highpoint Tower, come secure a trial drug that would help a patience of the doctor that when cared because that Nate’s ill-fated son. To perform so, Parker went in with the roof, just to get pinned down in an elevator pillar with Hardison (who had actually come in through the lobby posing together an alarm organization tech). Together Parker take it a bullet from a cop who saw with their ruse, Hardison plummeted number of stories, break his leg and also busting up his insides. Eliot go his ideal to fend off other burly obstacles, but even he, ~ above his dash for the getaway van, took a bullet directly through the back. Nate and Sophie, in the former seat, go their best to evade a police blockade and also were last seen about to leap an opening drawbridge. It was all very grim ingredient that, together directed and also presented on-screen, had actually you wonder if the con was an extremely much no longer on for this tape of bandits.

But as Alcatraz‘s Emerson Hauser would certainly say, “That’s no what happened. Not at all.” rather — together promised through Aldis Hodge back in July — we were lastly made privy come the real reason Nate relocated their procedure to Portland for Season 5.

The woman interviewing Nate in the “hospital” — revealed to it is in Interpol certified dealer Casey (played by The Shield‘s Catherine Dent) — experienced holes in his story, and also gleaned the Parker in fact had entered Highpoint v a tunnel that connected to a theater where Sophie was staging/starring in MacBeth. Secondly, Parker never was after ~ a psychological drug but an web server room. As soon as Casey’s investigation suggested that Parker to be still cowered inside the room, wait for their target — an incendiary document known as “The black color Book” — to pass v the pipe prime for pinching, the Interpol agent’s boss, none various other than Jim Sterling (Hi, Mark Sheppard!), keyed her and a team of agents in to command a search. However Parker, together with Hardison and also Eliot, had embedded themselves within that team, then stayed behind after ~ Casey turned increase nothing. Castle then got hold of the needed tough drive and exited ago through the tunnel, shedding themselves between the actors of Sophie’s play. (Eliot’s “shooting,” meanwhile? all staged because that the protection camera, v Nate play the “cop.”)

Nate later obtained led to a prison move vehicle, his fate look at sealed in the wake up of the evidenced robbery and also the discovery of dummy corpses he had actually used come fake a heist-gone-bad. Yet with Casey no one the wiser, Sterling go his longtime frenemy a solid and also wished that well, knowing that Sophie was behind the wheel. (When walk Sterling gain wise, though? since Nate intentionally distracted him when Parker et al sneaked into the server room.) Later, the team reconvened come celebrate their grand theft and also watch as Nate suggest to… “Laura” (not Sophie’s real name). And also with those two lovebirds now out that the game, the last scene offered us sleek-and-steely Parker, flanked through Eliot and also Hardison, explaining come a brand-new oppressed customer how they could provide… leverage.

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All told and as promised by show boss Dean Devlin, who suspected this might be (and in truth was) it, the season finale play perfectly as a series-ender, delivering a memorable combo the sleight-of-hand and misdirection, offer up a little of romantic closure and also calling in an old “friend,” but additionally planting a seeds to display us how the con ostensibly would go on.