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Luke 8:22 — Now it pertained to pass ~ above a certain day, that he went into a ship through his disciples: and also he said unto them, Let united state go over unto the other side of the lake. And they introduced forth. 23 yet as they cruised he dropped asleep: and also there came down a storm that wind ~ above the lake; and also they were filled v water, and also were in jeopardy. 24 and also they concerned him, and also awoke him, saying, Master, master, we perish. Climate he arose, and also rebuked the wind and the raging of the water: and they ceased, and also there was a calm. 25 and he claimed unto them, where is your faith? and they being afraid wondered, saying one to another, What way of man is this! for he commandeth also the winds and also water, and also they follow him. 26 and also they arrived on the country of the Gadarenes, i beg your pardon is over versus Galilee.

As us journey through this life there are times of question once we confront struggles, setbacks, hardships, and also even loss. We often wonder wherein God is, or if He experienced this coming, then us wonder why he didn’t warn us. The reality is, we should expect things to go wrong while us live in this sin filled world. The real difficulty has become that we place more faith in the strikes from the opponent than we execute in our Savior to lug us through! God’s indigenous is filled with His promises yet all too often we allow Satan come steal our triumph and also blessings since we fear him an ext than us revere God Almighty!

When God has spoken to us, whether v His word, prayer, dreams, discernment, or a prophetic message of check though one more believer, that need to be enough for united state to push on and also claim ours victory. Countless times we begin out ~ above fire, but the an initial obstacle that drops in our way causes us to feeling that we were not correct or the the devil has beat us. In today’s scripture, Jesus claimed to his practical worker “Lets go over to the various other side” and also they were every on plank — until the storm hit! when something unexpected and scary occurred they had actually forgotten all around the destination and also solely concentrated on crisis and the emotion that fatality was practically certain.

I encourage you today to was standing firm in the promises God has offered you. When this life causes you anxiety, fear, shame, and sickness, execute not enable the situation to reason you to abandon your promise. When Jesus speak you he will take you come the various other side, climate that’s specifically what he will do! Just because we are surprised by enemy’s opposition, doesn’t median that the is. Jesus knew every the when what trials he would face, yet he additionally knew the Father’s plan, and there is nothing difficult with God. We deserve to expect the opponent to strike us as soon as we space on the path to our blessing, yet we need to never mean the adversary to win! only God is every powerful, and we have to remember that Jesus Christ has currently defeated Satan on our instead of — He was crucified, buried, and also rose native the tomb so the you and I might overcome!

Don’t think that God has actually abandoned you due to the fact that something developed in your life there is no warning. As soon as we get captured up in the storms the life, it have the right to be basic to think the God has lost control and also we space on our own, yet this is far from true. God is sovereign and also He to know every move the foe will make. The doesn’t need to tell us of every the enemy’s schemes due to the fact that it is inconsequential. God wins. God is not concentrated on Satan, he’s already been defeated — God is concentrated on You! he doesn’t want you worried around what the adversary has in store, He wants you resting and also believing in His promises to bring you through. Take heart today and rediscover the pleasure that originates from serving the Lord. You are going come the various other side!

I pray, “Father, forgive my doubt. I have permitted my focus to drift indigenous You to the attacks of the enemy. Say thanks to You because that reminding me that he has currently been defeated. I believe Your Word and I understand that girlfriend will lug me safely to the various other side. Her love because that me and also the grace offered though her Son, Jesus, is much stronger than anything the adversary can throw at me.

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All power is in You. I thank You mr for love me, in Jesus name, amen.”