Hello other Neiling Fans! I'm do the efforts to number out this song, treatment to help?


I think the track "When the Died" native the Album "Spirit Phone" through Neil Cicierega has some hidden/secret meaning. I'm no really certain what I'm trying come solve around it, right currently I'm make the efforts to figure out who "He" is introduce to in the song.

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When the died

Turns the end he left behind a mansion complete of other people's skulls

The odd thing is, they never discovered his own, as soon as he died

When he died

He in which method left behind strange symbols on the floor beneath his corpse

Investigators said the lumber was scorched, once he died

When he died they discovered so many scorpions inside his lungs

When he passed away the statues the his absent children cried

What was later discovered to be his blood

When he died (On a dark and also stormy night)

They telephoned his mam (Who reacted through delight)

But progressively her voice began to fade come nothing

And the Laughing document played

The Laughing document played

When that died

They found a article etched right into his spine

That said as soon as he passed away an limitless age the untold nightmares would certainly be nigh

And the blood would make the seas run red

When he died (On a dark and stormy night)

A nearby shed captured fire (It simply recorded alight)

And when they clearing the scorched wood native the ground

Inside they uncovered a paint of a clown (A creepy paint of a clown)

He'd painted it he was simply a child

But scrawled top top the ago was specifically when he died

When that died, when he died, once he died, as soon as he died

What provides me think there's something come find?

When I first listened come the song, so plenty of of the lyrics stood the end to me. It simply sounded prefer some sort of mystery. Looking at the lyrics online confirmed me that there are a few interesting things concealed within them. I recently found out that among Neil's various other albums dubbed "Mouth Silence" consists of several secrets. This video clip goes over these secrets. They selection from obvious/silly to things that actually require some digging to number out.

What I've gained so far:

The very first thing that tipped me off was the lines "And the Laughing document played The Laughing record played" wherein you will notification "The Laughing Record" is capitalized. This led me to uncover that The Laughing document is an actual song(?). Here's the video/song, i beg your pardon is quite spooky by itself.



Neil states "October is here, so below is a creepy tune from the ever-upcoming album. It's around a man who died." and includes a photo of a skeleton and a monkey. Reverse image searching this leader me to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gabriel_von_Max I've make the efforts to uncover some correlation between this artist and also the lyrics concerning "A creepy painting of a clown" without lot luck.

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Audio analysis. Very first of all, the track on youtube, spotify, and also Neil's site are every a much shorter version of the full song. The only way to obtain the full song that I understand of is to download it (free) from one of two people the Patreon post, or Neil's website. Top top the much shorter version that the song, over there is a "blip" at 3:48. My friend who has some audio tools has actually looked at the blip v me, and while that hasn't yielded any kind of secrets yet, the does come out of i do not have anything which method it's one of two people an error or other that has meaning.

Next Steps?

I've listened to this song way too numerous times. I love it as a song because it songs great and is different. Every time i listen come it, i can't help but try to settle the mystery, and also I'm out of ideas. Deserve to you aid me figure out who "He" is and any other hidden interpretations behind this song?