Overpowered deck structure

These space the cards and also how to obtain them in Yugioh: tradition of the duelist, in order to win on your very first turn:


1x Left eight of the forbidden one. (Grandpa)1x best arm the the forbidden one. (Grandpa)1x Left foot of the forbidden one. (Grandpa)1x appropriate leg the the forbidden one. (Grandpa)1x Exodia the forbidden one. (Grandpa)3x imperial magical library. (Yami)3x Broww, huntsman that dark world. (Bastion) (GX)

Spell cards:

3x damaged bamboo sword. (Quinton) (Zexal)3x golden bamboo sword. (Quinton) (Zexal)3x Dark civilization dealings. (Bastion) (GX)3x Graceful charity. (Grandpa) 3x at some point of peace. (Quinton) (Zexal)3x Pot of duality. (Grandpa)3x Pot of greed. (Grandpa)2x Spell strength grasp. (Yami)2x Toon table the contents. (Seto Kaiba)1x Toon world. (Seto Kaiba)3x Upstart goblin. (Grandpa)

No trap cards.

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Effect the each map in exodia deck!

Effect of each card:

Broken bamboo sword: ‘The fitted monster gains 0 ATK’

Dark people dealings: ‘Each player color etc one card, then each player discards one card’

Golden bamboo sword: ‘Activate just if you manage a ‘bamboo sword’ equip spell card. Attract 2 cards’

Graceful charity:‘Draw 3 cards, then discard 2 cards’

One job of peace:‘Each player paint, etc 1 card, and also neither player takes damages until the end of your opponents next turn’

Pot that duality:‘Excavate the height 3 cards of your deck, add 1 of lock to your hand, also, after ~ that, shuffle the rest earlier into her deck. You deserve to only activate 1 “Pot that duality” every turn. You cannot special summon during the turn you activate this card.’

Pot the greed:‘Draw 2 cards’

Spell power grasp:‘Target 1 face-up map on the ar that you have the right to place a Spell respond to on; location 1 Spell counter on the target, then you can add 1 “Spell power grasp” from your deck to your hand. You have the right to only activate 1 “Spell power grasp” every turn.’

Toon table the contents:‘Add 1 “Toon” map or “Manga ryu-ran” from your Deck to her hand.’

Toon world:‘Activate this map by payment 1000 LP’

Upstart goblin: ‘Draw one card, climate your enemy gains 1000 lifepoints’

Broww, huntsman of dark world:‘If this map is discarded come the Graveyard through a card effect: draw 1 card, plus one more card if this card was discarded from her hand to her Graveyard by one opponent’s card effect’

Royal miracle library:‘Each time a Spell card is activated, place 1 Spell respond to on this card when that Spell card resolves (max. 3). You deserve to remove 3 spell Counters native this card; draw 1 card.

Exodia the forbidden one:‘If you have actually “Right leg of the Forbidden One”, “Left leg of the Forbidden One”, “Right eight of the Forbidden One” and “Left arm of the Forbidden One” in addition to this map in your hand, you success the Duel.’

Cards without effects:-Right leg of the forbidden one-Left foot of the forbidden one-Right arm of the forbidden one -Left eight of the forbidden one

Tips on exactly how to usage each card.

This is a guide explaining exactly how to use each and every card in the exodia deck efficiently in stimulate to win on your first turn.

Broken bamboo sword:Equip come a royal magical library as soon as you have one available.

Dark people dealings:Discard a spare map that has no usage to you, or is “Broww, huntsman that dark world”. This include: “Toon world” and “Broken bamboo sword” (assuming Bbs is currently equipped to a imperial magical libary) and also these cards if you’ve currently used one this turn: “Royal magical library”, “Pot of duality”, “Spell power grasp”. Preferably better to use when you have actually these spare cards available. Use various other cards in her hand the simply obtain cards an initial to manipulate your discarding.

Golden bamboo sword:Equip “Broken bamboo sword” come a monster first. (Preferably “Royal miracle library”, and only other choice is adversaries monster) then play this card.

Graceful charity:Same v “Dark civilization dealings” Wait till you have spare cards come discard. Also works an extremely well v “Broww, huntsman that darkworld”. Use various other cards in hand first, regarding maximise possibility of discaring useless cards.

One job of peace:Use immediately. (Hopefully placed down “Royal miracle library” first)

Pot that duality:Depending ~ above cards right now in hand, get everything works in conjunction through them. Most needed cards are “Pot the greed” and “Royal wonder library” (if you don’t have a imperial magical library yet) perform not acquire a “Toon table the contents”, “Pot the duality”, Toon world, or any type of piece the exodia” (Preferably)

Pot that greed:Use immediately. (Hopefully put down “Royal wonder library” first)

Spell strength grasp:Only usage on “Royal magical library” when it’s present spell counters room in 0 or 1. Retrieve preventive “Spell power grasp” indigenous deck and also use for discarding.

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Toon table the contents:To reduced amount the cards in deck and also for order counters, retrieve toon table the contents, then a toon world for discarding. If can not to get toon human being or toon table of contents due to them already being in hand. Then you still acquire a spare map or two. (Also a spell counter for royal magical library)

Toon world:Spare card for discarding or a totally free spell counter. (Preferably very first option) (Not a essential card)

Upstart goblin:Use immediately. (Hopefully put down “Royal miracle library” first)

All 5 pieces of the forbidden one: (Exodia)Keep in hand, never ever discard or summon. (Needed to win game)

Broww, huntsman the dark world:Free discard to draw one extra. Usage in conjunction with dark world dealings and also graceful charity only.

Royal wonder libary:Summon as shortly as possible. (The just card you should summon) usage in connect with everything in deck apart from the monsters. Activate result when 3 order cards room used. (Excluding spell power grasp)