1 2016 LoL worlds Finals tickets currently on sale1.4 team Stage – san Francisco1.5 Quarterfinals – Chicago1.6 Semifinals – brand-new York1.7 Finals – Los Angeles
Pack her bags! The 2016 organization of Legends civilization Championship is right around the corner and includes a roadway trip throughout the United States.

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Starting this week, tickets areon sale because that the finals the the 2016 civilization Championship.

2016 LoL civilizations Finals tickets currently on sale

The whole tournament will spanthe course of a month, with four venues hosting events. We’re below to acquire you caught up ~ above each stage of the tournament and where to get your tickets.


Teams will certainly be determined based on each region’s end up in their corresponding Summer break-up Finals. Groups with the most accrued points indigenous each region over the food of the Spring/Summer separation will also be invited.

The official teams will certainly be announced throughout the group attract (as well as what groups each team will certainly be inserted in). The group attract will take location live on Saturday, Sept. 10 in Los Angeles.


We’ve noted links to purchasing tickets for each stage of the 2016 organization of Legends people Championship. If you don’t see any kind of tickets easily accessible for the date/event you great to attend, don’t fret!

Riot has proclaimed it will certainly release a restricted quantity the tickets in at an early stage September based on itsfinal production setup.

Riftwalk returns

As viewed at PAX East and soon-to-be-seen at the NA Summer Finals in Toronto, the Riftwalk is one immersive, interactive journey through League’s history, showcasing memorable moment from the last 6 years, beloved community contributors, and the neighborhood that’s do it all possible.

The Riftwalk will certainly be in Los Angeles in ~ L.A. Live ~ above Oct. 28-29. We’ll share an ext information about our neighborhood event in Los Angeles and how to get your Riftwalk tickets soon.

You can uncover out an ext about the Riftwalk experiencehere.

Group stage – san Francisco


Bill Graham civic Auditorium. Located at 99 Grove St., san Francisco, CA 94102.

Seating capacity

The bill Graham civic Auditorium deserve to seat a preferably audience that 7,000.

Dates and ticket informationWeek 1 Sept. 29-Oct. 2, 4 p.m.Week 2 Oct. 6-7, 4 p.m.Week 2 – Oct. 8-9, 1 p.m.

Tickets begin at $26 USD.


Teams will compete within four groups, with four teams in each group. The optimal two groups after group stage native each group will move on come the quarterfinals.

Quarterfinals – Chicago



The Chicago Theatre. Located at 175 N State St, Chicago, IL 60601

Seating capacity

The Chicago Theatre deserve to seat a preferably audience of 3,600.

Dates and ticket information

Quarterfinals will certainly take place in between the days of Oct. 13 through Oct. 16.

Tickets are $54.50 ($43.50 basic price + $11 service fees) for the orchestra/loge and $36.50 ($28.50 base price + $8 business fees) for the balcony, add to applicable fees.


The winner here will development to the final four, securing their spot in the semifinals.

Semifinals – brand-new York



Madison Square Garden. Located at 4 Pennsylvania Plaza, new York, NY 10001

Seating capacity

Madison Square Garden deserve to seat a maximum audience the 20,000.

Dates and ticket information

The semifinals will take ar on Oct. 21 and also 22.

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Tickets space $75 ($61 base price + $14 service fees) because that the lower bowl and also $57 ($46 base price + $11 service fees) because that the top bowl.