Most services can be completed within a couple of days in ~ a price that is hard to beat. No have to pay to have your equipment picked increase or try to load it in the earlier of your SUV come haul it come the shop.

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Oil Changes, tongue Sharpening, track ups, and also other maintain on lawn mowers, lawn tractors, zero turns, and also snow blowers. We can additionally do an easy repairs like belts, carbohydrate replacements, and replace paddles and also scrapers on eye blowers.

In addition to working on outdoor power tools we also can fix scooters, ATV"s, and tiny engine motorcycles (250CC or less).

We grind stumps starting at $60.00 and also can execute light dust work and grading that the website so it is all set for grass seed.

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We space a local tiny business based in SE Cedar Rapids. Growing up ~ above the family members farm ns learned the value of repairing and maintaining devices yourself. End the critical 10 years I have repaired countless tiny engines, mowers, and tractors. I also have a passion for old cars and have done engine and body occupational on vintage cars. I believe in honest work and treating customers fairly.

All maintain Services encompass parts and also labor

$59- push Mower company (oil change, spark plug, wait filter, and blade sharpening) $99 Lawn Tractor an easy service. (oil change, grease unit, sharpen blades, inspection) $179- Lawn Tractor finish (adds air and also fuel filters, spark plugs, and deck leveling) $59 - single Stage Snowblower ( oil change, spark plug, inspection) $79 - 2 phase Snowblower (oil change, spark plug, change skid shoes, inspection) $79 - Mow to snow (Remove deck and install eye thrower) $19 to $29 - Winterization the Mowers or Lawn Tractors $19 - Battery replacement (includes trial and error charging system)

$59- snow blower paddle and scraper replacement

Parts generally are an additional $40-60 because that most renowned models

$49 - solitary stage belt replacement plus expense of belt $79 - 2 stage belt replacement plus price of belt (unit will certainly usually must come earlier to shop)