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Founded in 1984, last Hope, Inc. Is a foster home based 501(c)3 No-Kill non profit companion animal rescue.

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Last expect has discovered forever residences for over 45000 cats and also dogs because inception.

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RESCUE - The Mistreated conserve - The injured ADOPT- The Abandoned


* Rescuing abandoned, unwanted and also helpless animals. Last Hope is a 501(c)3 No-Kill nonprofit and does not believe in the destruction of healthy pets.

* fostering the finish of overpopulation through education and the neutering, spaying of every rescued animals accessible for adoption.

* providing immediate veterinary treatment for every rescued animals from intake come emergency and life saving surgery come ensure a high quality of life.

* recognize forever, loving houses for our animals through adoption.

* Educating the general public in the responsible treatment of companion cats and dogs.

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Most current Success Story


Meet critical Hope"s newest foster, Oatmeal! She was carried into animal Emergency & Referral facility of Minnesota top top Friday through a an excellent Samaritan who uncovered her in a pile of trash within a recycling bin at the recycling plant. She had actually an old, infected foot wound that compelled amputation. To height it off, she is greatly or totally blind! One speak to to last Hope and Oatmeal was able to have her surgery and also begin her road to recovery.

Despite every one of this, she is the sweet thing and also is at this time laying in mine lap purring.