Alternative : 高一就是异世界的城主 ; 高1ですが異世界で城主はじめました

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Kou 1 Desu ga Isekai de Joushu Hajimemashita summary:

Accidentaly summoned by an old map, first year high college student, Kiyokawa Hiroto is compelled by the arrogant lord of the lock to exterminate the vampire that has actually been haunting his castle. Suddenly befriending a girl from Mummy tribe, Hiroto skillfully managed to capture the Vampire through her help. However, that is shortly framed by the mr of the castle. Bravely and also kindly aiming to it is in a Lord, the fantasy the summoned to an additional world starts!"
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Maybe coming in the next issueKou 1 Desu ga Isekai de Joushu Hajimemashita chapter 44Kou 1 Desu ga Isekai de Joushu Hajimemashita chapter 45
Chapter nameViewTime uploaded
Chapter 43: governor Election19,364Aug-15-21
Chapter 4225,644Jul-05-21
Chapter 4124,232Jun-29-21
Chapter 40: Mimia"s Decision37,524Jan-30-21
Chapter 39: Alvy34,114Jan-16-21
Chapter 38: The Two vendors 221,422Dec-28-20
Chapter 37: The two Merchants20,833Dec-22-20
Chapter 3629,518Jun-27-20
Chapter 3533,394May-13-20
Chapter 3472,832Jan-30-20
Chapter 33: Those Whose captured Two Hares and also Those Whose caught Neither73,635Dec-01-19
Chapter 32: Mummies Aid60,176Nov-23-19
Chapter 31: major Reversal72,598Sep-21-19
Chapter 30: Distress108,405Jun-05-19
Chapter 29: Mummy s Playground66,521Jun-05-19
Chapter 28: another Dilfrant66,521Jun-05-19
Chapter 27: Kidnap67,671Jun-05-19
Chapter 26: Settlement68,770Jun-05-19
Chapter 25128,637Sep-21-18
Chapter 24116,099Aug-02-18
Chapter 23: Banquet110,622Jul-18-18
Chapter 2298,129Jul-18-18
Chapter 21: towards Neka!120,620Jul-03-18
Chapter 20105,358Jul-03-18
Chapter 19118,326Feb-01-18
Chapter 18101,483Feb-01-18
Chapter 17112,928Dec-26-17
Chapter 16106,927Sep-11-17
Chapter 15 : Expectation107,436Jun-19-17
Chapter 14 : Raid116,981Mar-27-17
Chapter 13 : Vampire and Bandage105,543Dec-09-16
Chapter 12 : Skeleton Florist101,108Dec-03-16
Chapter 11 : Shriek99,455Sep-07-16
Chapter 10 : Sorciere103,882Jul-10-16
Chapter 9 : Culaya s Sally106,982May-25-16
Chapter 8 : Cerca108,926Dec-07-16
Chapter 7 : Visit112,427Dec-07-16
Chapter 6 : A tribe Of Ears118,352Dec-07-16
Chapter 5 : Bandage Girl122,976Dec-07-16
Chapter 4 V2 : Curse123,650May-05-16
Vol.1 chapter 4: Curse14,826Jan-30-21
Chapter 3 : Spirit’S irradiate (Second Half)134,879May-05-16
Chapter 2 V2 : Spirit’S irradiate (First Half)147,162May-05-16
Vol.1 chapter 2: Spirit"s irradiate (Part 1)16,419Jan-30-21
Chapter 1 V2 : Hybride Girl251,700May-05-16
Vol.1 thing 1: Hybride Girl34,045Jan-30-21

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